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10 Must-Know Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents in 2023

Auto accidents remain one of the biggest causes of death in the US. Even in 2023, this unfortunate scenario remains a reality. For this reason, everyone must do everything in their power to become safer drivers and prevent avoidable auto accidents. To help you do just this, here are ten must-know tips to prevent auto accidents in 2023:

1. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Distracted driving remains one of the top causes of auto accidents in the world (even in 2023). For this reason, you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel. Knowing what your vehicle is doing, and what all vehicles around you are doing, can help you avoid a deadly accident, after all. For those injured through no fault of their own, hiring a car accident lawyer can help you gain restitution.

2. Avoid Inclement Weather

Many people overestimate how much control they have over their vehicles in dangerous or hazardous scenarios. With the weather, in particular, people tend to underestimate how dangerous road conditions might be. To avoid preventable accidents, be sure to stay off the road when severe and inclement weather is happening (whenever humanly possible). Doing so will help protect you, and everyone else on the road.

3. Do Not Use Your Cell Phone

In 2023, it seems as though more people are addicted to their phones than ever before. Due to this, and many other reasons, accidents caused by cell phone usage remain incredibly high. If you need your cell phone for directions or music, you should use available assistance technology to prepare this information before you hit the road. Doing so, and avoiding using your cell phone while you’re operating your vehicle, will do wonders for keeping your local roadways safe.

4. Keep Your Vehicle Properly Maintained

Even if you’re a perfect driver, an improperly maintained vehicle can still cause issues that will thrust you into an accident. Poorly kept tires, improper brake maintenance, and malfunctioning lights are especially hazardous. For this reason, it’s crucial that you keep your vehicle properly maintained and looked after at all times. In many locales, knowingly operating a dangerously unmanaged and maintained vehicle can even be a crime in and of itself.

5. Follow the Speed Limit

While it may seem like a no-brainer, staying aware of the speed limit, and following it, is key to staying safe and avoiding auto accidents. After all, civil engineers have placed hundreds of man-hours into discovering the safe speed limits for every road that you drive on. By respecting these speed limits, you ensure that everyone around you can drive in a uniform and easy-to-predict fashion (which is crucial for accident prevention).

6. Pay Attention to Road Signs

Alongside staying up-to-date with posted speed limits, you should be paying close attention to all other road and traffic signs as well. Doing so will keep you alert, and help you realize any potential road hazards well before they become a threat. This practice will also help you keep road workers and any roadside pedestrians safe as well. To keep roadways safe, we have to consider who is nearby the roadways we drive on.

7. Avoid Reckless Behavior

Even in 2023, some drivers knowingly put everyone around them in danger via unsafe and reckless behavior behind the wheel. Street racing, excessive speeding, and other forms of reckless driving behavior put everyone at risk. If you see someone driving recklessly, it may be worth your while to alert the police about the incident. They may be able to intercept the reckless driver and prevent them from putting other lives at risk.

8. Stop Tailgating Other Drivers

Giving other vehicles the space they need to drive safely is key to protecting yourself and others in 2023. If you’re constantly tailgating the drivers around you, they will not have the space or reaction time needed to make sudden changes, or other life-saving (or accident-preventing) measures. Make sure that the only “tailgating” you’re doing in 2023 is near a football field, and you’ll be a much happier, safer person.

9. Avoid Unsafe Lane Changes

Lane changes are a common origin point for auto accidents. When people fail to use their blinkers or fail to check lanes for other cars, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. By staying reasonable with your lane change behavior and etiquette, you can protect everyone on the road around you more effectively.

10. Never Drive Under the Influence

Lastly, it’s absolutely crucial that you never drive your vehicle while under the influence. Any type of drug (whether it be alcohol or even a prescription medication) can make your driving erratic and dangerous, after all. By staying within legal limits, and educating yourself about any drug you have to take, you can protect yourself from dangerous (or even deadly) auto accidents in 2023.

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