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Five Things That You Must Try In Tokyo

You’re planning a trip to Japan, but you have no idea what to do there, namely in Tokyo. This megalopolis, which is home to nearly 15 million people, cannot be fully explored in a single trip due to its immense size. 

However, the city is well known for its technological advancement. The city has a tremendous impact on the world and receives millions of tourists each year. If you are wondering whether to go there anytime soon with family or friends? Without thinking much, start planning, make japan airlines bookings in any class, and save up to 60% off on round trips on every flight. Scroll down & take a look to know more.

In order to help you understand things more clearly, it is recommended that you take a tour of the most iconic districts of the Japanese capital, Tokyo, in order to learn about the best things to see and do there!


Shinjuku is a prominent ward in the heart of Tokyo. Its focal point is the most important station in the world, which is utilized daily by over 3.5 million individuals. This Tokyo neighborhood is home to a variety of attractions, including a commercial sector, well-known shopping destinations, and some of the most entertaining hangout spots in the nation’s capital.


Asakusa is located in Taito Ward, northeast of the city’s central region and close to the Sumida River. It is a very popular location for travelers because it is believed to be home to a number of magnificent sights. Among these are the city’s oldest structure, the Senso-ji temple, the Sumida park, which is well-known during cherry blossom season, and the well-known Skytree tower.


It is the Tokyo locality well known as the “red light district.” It is a distinct sector of the Shinjuku district that, during the day, has a traditional atmosphere but, in the evening, undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis. The pedestrian streets of this neighborhood are renowned for their number of bars with hostesses, love motels, and soap farms (more than 3,000 establishments of this type have been listed here).



Roppongi is a trendy, well-known nightlife district located in the Minato district in the heart of Tokyo. It has a significantly better reputation than Kabukichô, which is famous for its red light area (even if here too you will have to avoid touts). This neighborhood’s lengthy history as a place of residence for American servicemen stationed in Japan during the Second World War undoubtedly adds to its status as one of the most culturally varied and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the Japanese capital.


Akihabara also referred to as Akiba, is the major district in Tokyo where otaku and geeks reside. It is the destination of choice for fans of manga, anime, video games, high-tech products, J-Pop, and any other aspect of Japanese popular culture. As soon as you exit Akihabara station, you will understand why this enormous district is known as “the electric city” when you see the countless neon signs that are placed on the building facades. It is a fairly modern neighborhood, and the main reasons visitors visit are to experience its unique atmosphere and go shopping. Due to the proliferation of retailers, it is now possible to acquire nearly everything.

The culinary landscape of Tokyo

Despite France’s reputation as the “country of cuisine,” Tokyo boasts more than ten times the number of restaurants as Paris. It is the city with the most restaurants in the world, as well as the city with the largest concentration of restaurants with Michelin stars. In Tokyo, the nation’s capital, cooking, which is usually regarded as one of the most refined arts in existence, is taken very seriously. In order to obtain a seat at one of the city’s most popular restaurants, it is usually necessary to make reservations more than a year in advance.

It won’t be difficult to discover locations that are both more reasonable and just as wonderful, where you may experience all of Japan’s culinary specialties, including, of course, sushi and sashimi, as well as ramen, udon, soba, yakitori, sukiyaki, and a vast array of other delectable dishes.

Tokyo Dome

The Tokyo Dome is the most iconic and recognizable stadium in Tokyo. Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo is regarded as the “temple of baseball” due to its enormous size and capacity, which can accommodate around 55,000 individuals. In addition to hosting games for Japan’s oldest professional baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants, the arena holds numerous other sporting events and concerts. In the nearby Korakuen Hall, mixed martial arts matches are also held.

How to reach Tokyo?

By air

The most efficient way to reach the country is by direct flights to Narita International Airport and Haneda airports.

By train

Taking the train once you’ve arrived, you’ll be able to board a train that will transport you directly to the city’s center.

By road

For traveling long distances outside of Tokyo, highway buses are typically the cheapest (and also the least pleasant) option.


Even for those with limited time and resources, the nation’s capital offers an abundance of attractions and diversions. So stop thinking and plan an amazing trip to Japan with AirlinesMap right away for your next vacation. Happy Tripping..!!

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