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Follow These 5 Steps to Protect Bath Bombs Against Damage

The colorful and fragrant bath bombs are becoming everyone’s favorite. The companies manufacture and offer organic bath bombs containing essential oils to nourish the skin. If you are also one of the bath bomb suppliers, you surely need reliable packaging boxes. Bath bombs are highly susceptible to damage that’s why don’t use cheap quality boxes to package them. Customers will not buy your bath bombs if you deliver them in damaged condition. Furthermore, you can impress customers professionally by packaging products in high-quality boxes. The delicate packaging cannot preserve the aroma and texture of bath bombs. That’s why it is better to invest some money or effort in custom bath bomb boxes. Without wasting any time, we should discuss the steps to make protective packaging boxes:

1-    Select the Best Materials

Packaging boxes ensure the protection of bath bombs that’s why you need to choose the correct materials to make them. The most reliable packaging materials are cardboard and Kraft. The strong walls of these materials prevent the penetration of dirt, humidity, and pathogens. Sometimes the walls of boxes get crushed which disrupts the shape of bath bombs as well. To prevent such situations, you can get corrugated Bath Bomb Packaging that is resistant to crushing. Corrugated walls are strong enough to bear the weight of bath bombs.

You can easily package your bath bombs in corrugated cardboard boxes. Furthermore, the strength of these boxes does not mean they are hard to print. You can print the brand name and logo on these boxes using eye-catchy fonts for brand advertisement. If you want to deliver bath bombs to far locations, you should get boxes made of these strong materials. Bath bomb shipping boxes are also made of Kraft materials. In short, you can get utilize these boxes to safely package and deliver your bath bombs.

2-    Precisely Shape the Materials

After packaging materials, the shape of boxes matters a lot in product protection. If the shape of the packaging does not fit your product dimensions, then it is of no use. Furthermore, customers will not like your bath bombs if you package them in inappropriate boxes. The shape of the boxes depends on the number of bath bombs you want to package as well. For example, if you want to package one bath bomb, a cube packaging box is best for you.

It is not wise to package multiple bath bombs in such boxes where you need to stack one bath bomb on the other. The best boxes for combo bath bomb deals are sleeve boxes. The relaxing unboxing mechanism of these boxes will keep your bath bombs protected. Furthermore, you can also get sleeve bath bomb packaging designed per the theme of your business. Moreover, two-piece bath bomb boxes in triangle, hexagonal, heart or rectangular shapes are also wise to choose from.

3-    Add further protective features

To make custom bath bomb packaging more reliable, you can add protective features to it. These features are usually partitions and handles. The partitions will keep bath bombs separated from each other. This will prevent their sticking which can cause damage. Moreover, if one of the bath bombs catches moisture, others will stay safe, thanks to the partitions. You should select the dimensions of partitions per shape and size of your baths.

There should not be extra empty space that can make your bath bombs collide with walls. Other than that, you can add handles to ease customers in carrying bath bomb boxes. Another unique feature will be a window cut out. Bath bomb window packaging will give customers a glimpse of your products without making them open the box to have a look. Your bath bombs will be highly susceptible to damage if customers frequently open the packaging. You can prevent this by adding a transparent window cut covered with a PVC sheet.

4-    Educate Your Customers

Sometimes carelessness of customers can cause product damage. You should mention the precautions to handle the packaging via printing. You can use eye-catchy fonts to mention precautions to make customers read them. You can tell customers the way to handle your bath bomb packaging. The latest offset and digital printing techniques are available to print bath bomb boxes. Custom printed boxes will not only enhance the worth of products but also help to gain customers’ loyalty. You can mention on the packaging whether customers can open the bath bomb box or not. Also, tell customers how to store bath bombs for later use.

5-    Apply Resistant Coating

After designing and printing personalized bath bomb boxes, apply the damage-resistant coating. For that purpose, you can utilize matte, glossy, or UV spot lamination. Among these, the glossy coating is best for custom-designed bath bomb packaging. It is resistant to moisture and heat. Even if little moisture accumulates on the surface of the packaging, a glossy coat will prevent its penetration. Furthermore, coated bath bomb boxes will increase the worth of inside products. The shiny appearance of these boxes will attract customers to your bath bombs. The coatings will also preserve the images, fonts, and typography you printed to bath bomb boxes. All these steps will make protective boxes for your bath bombs. If you want further details, you can consult with an expert packaging company.

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