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Sump Pump Types, Installation, Cost, And Other Important Info

Sump pumps is a beneficial device for you if your house is located where the danger of flood is present. Sump pumps save your home from extra water that come into your house due to heavy rains and floods. A sump pump consists of a motor activated to throw extra water out of your home or basement. This article will tackle all the questions which are related to sump pumps.

What is a sump pump?

What is a sump pump?

A complete sump pump system consists of the following things:

Basin (Sump pump pit)

Basin is usually made under the ground of the basement. The basin is the place that holds the sump pump.

Sensing valves

Sensing valves are installed in the basin. These valves are used to sense the basin water level. Once the water level exceeds the limit, these valves automatically turn on the sump pump motor. Which throughs excessive water out of your property.


Effluent is the last part of a sump pump, a water line. This water line is used to carry excess water out of your basement.

How does a sump pump work?

The working of the sump pump is quite simple.

  • These pumps are continuously present in the basin.
  • The floating valve used, which is installed with sump pumps, cautiously monitors the level and pressure of the water.
  • Once the water in the basin crosses the limits of the sensor, then the sensor triggers the motor.
  • The motor drains the water from the house when it is turned on through the water line installed with the system.
  • Due to the arrangement, your house is always protected from being wet or flooding due to floods or heavy rains.

What are the several types of sump pumps?

In the market, there are two types of sump pumps present. The name and details of these types are as follows:

Submersible sump pump

  • Submersible sump pumps are expensive.
  • The position of submersible pumps is under the basin (Sump pump pit) and always present under the water.
  • Submersible sump pumps are more durable due to their cooling mechanism. Sump pumps get faulty to excessive heat, and submersible sump pumps are cooled by water. Due to that fact, the submersible’s age is more than the predatorial sump pump.

Pedestal sump pump

  • Pedestal sump pumps are more commonly used.
  • The installation of the pedestal sump pump is above ground level.
  • You can buy a pedestal sump pump at cheaper rates.
  • You must operate the pedestal sump pump with care because, due to heat, the chances of burning the pedestal pump are higher.

How to install a sump pump?

Installation of a sump pump is tricky work. You should hire professional who will do this work for your house. However, knowing the common installation point is necessary for you. Step by step procedure of sump pump installation is as follows:

  1. Find a place in the basement, which is at a low level. You can find a low-level place with the help of water. Spill water on the basement floor and find where most of the water stands.
  2. Dig a hole in the low-level place of your basement. The length of the hole must be greater than the length of the sump pump that you are going to install.
  3. After digging the hole, fill the base of the pit with pebbles and stones to prevent clogging.
  4. You should also wrap the sides of the pit with filter fabric.
  5. Now install the sump pump carefully in the basin (Pit).
  6. After that installation, the floating valve was assembled and checked by lifting the valve up. When you lift the valve upside, check the smooth working of a sump pump.
  7. In the next step, you should install a water pipe that takes the water away from the basement. For this purpose, you should make a hole in the basement wall. The size of the hole must be larger than the size of the water supply pipe.
  8. After making a hole in the wall, place the water pipe in it, attach it with a sump pump, and seal the wall’s gaps with caulk.
  9. The last part of the installation of the sump pump consists of testing. You can evaluate the sump pump by filling the pit with water. Once the pit is filled with excessive water, the float valve triggers the sump pump. With the starting of the sump pump, the water starts flowing through the water pipe, which troughs all water out of the basement. At this time, you should check the leakage in the water line. If there is any leakage present, you should get rid of the leakage at this time.
  10. In this way, you can install a sump pump.

How much does a sump pump cost?

The cost of a sump pump depends on the following two things:

  • Price of a sump pump
  • The installation cost of a sump pump

The price of a submersible sump pump is around one hundred US dollars to four hundred US dollars. The variation in the cost of a sump pump is due to the variation in horsepower rating. A sump pump with more horsepower is expensive as compared to others.

The installation cost of a sump pump is more than its original cost. Professional installation of a sump pump can cost you around six hundred to three thousand dollars. You should opt for a professional who has more experience.

How to replace a sump pump?

If you have an idea about how to install a sump pump, then replacing a sump pump is easier for you. You should follow the following steps to replace the sump pump.

  1. First, you should know about the current sump pump model installed in your basement’s pit. Then you should purchase the same model from the superstore or order it online.
  2. Next, you should carefully open the sump pump pit and carefully uninstall the older sump pump.
  3. For the uninstallation of the older sump pump, first, you should remove the water pipeline.
  4. After that, you must place a new sump pump and make its connection with the water supply line.
  5. Before closing the hole pit (Basin), you must evaluate the sump pump by manually filling the pit with water.
  6. If the test pass, then you can close the pit. And if there is any problem or leakage present, then you should tackle this issue first.

Who installs the sump pump?

Plumbers are the professional who is responsible for the installation of sump pumps. However, if you have enough plumbing knowledge, then it is an easy DIY project.


A sump pump is an essential part of modern buildings. The initial cost of a building with sump pump installation is increasing, but its benefits are far more than its cost. You can save many of your worthy things from flood water or heavy rainwater by simply including a sump pump system in your building plan.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can a sump pump work if no electricity is available?

In modern days sump pumps come with a hybrid power solution. The primary power of this system comes from the main electricity line. However, in emergency cases, if the main power is cut off, the backup battery helps the sump pump properly function.

Are submersible sump pumps better than pedestal pumps?

The fact that submersible pumps are entirely submerged in the water basin makes them often quieter, saves space in your basement, and clogs less than pedestal pumps. Despite this, they may not last if other sump pumps because of the effects of water submersion. If you are concerned about flooding in your home, this is still the best option.



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