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Top 5 things to keep you busy on the internet in 2023

When was the last time you picked up an encyclopaedia, or read a paper map? Alright, these are two extreme examples, but the point is that we don’t really do things the way we used to anymore. This is mostly down to technology. You don’t have to travel to your friend’s house to speak to them, because we not only have phones, but we have smart phones – where you can message them instantly or check in on their social media profiles to see what they’re up to. You don’t have to travel to your local town to buy something – you can just buy it online.

Everything has changed over the years, with even entertainment industries suffering as more and more people move to the internet way of doing things. We no longer want to wait a week on a new episode, because we like to binge watch. Even casinos have suffered – although not quite in the same way. Rather than the casino industry as a whole suffering, players have instead moved to online casinos, using casino review sites like HideousSlots to decide on the best casino for them. Here are our top 5 things to do on the internet.

1.     News

With the rise of online journalism, it’s easier than ever to stay up to date on the latest news and events. Rather than waiting on whatever the biggest time for news is in your region on the television or radio, you can browse news websites, subscribe to newsletters, and follow social media accounts to stay informed on topics that interest you – with the ability to turn on notifications for breaking news updates to always keep you in the loop.

2.     Music and Podcasts

The internet has revolutionised the way we listen to music and podcasts. There are a variety of platforms available, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, that allow you to access millions of songs and podcasts from around the world. If you miss the old days of watching music videos on TV, YouTube is also available, allowing you to not only watch your favourite music videos, but also watch video formats of your favourite podcasts, if this is something the host provides.

3.     Casino

Like we said, many players are now choosing to take their custom away from their local, land-based casino, onto the plethora of online casinos on offer. Many players that have already done this have said they will never look back, with online casinos offering greater bonuses and rewards than those that are offline and facilitating fast or instant withdrawals too.

4.     Research

The internet is an excellent resource for research. Whether you’re planning to take a trip or buy a car, there are a host of reviews online for you to read – not just from experts, but from fellow users who have experienced the very thing you are considering spending your hard-earned money on. You can compare prices online, book accommodation, check scores, and look at images, to ensure you spend your money in the best place possible, every time.

5.     Manage finances

It might seem boring, but the internet has made managing your finances more accessible than ever. If you’re someone who has grown up with the internet, you probably won’t remember a time when you had to travel to the bank to make a transfer, because you’re so used to doing this on your mobile banking app. We can do almost everything financially necessary through the internet, including investing, paying bills, and buying cryptocurrency.



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