Yo Gotti net worth, Early Life, Career, and Other Info

Yo Gotti Net Worth

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti is an American nationalist famous for his rap music career. Yo Gotti estimated net worth is around sixteen million US dollars. During his career, Yo Gotti released a total of ten studio albums. All of his albums had got a lot of popularity. Three out of ten albums got the certification of the “GOLD” category. Due to the popularity of Yo Gotti’s songs, he got nominations for the following awards:

  • The Soult Train Music Award
  • The BET Hip Hop Award

Along with his challenging music career, Yo Gotti also managed to make his music label company with the name of “Collective Music Group”. Yo Gotti has been performing his duties as CEO of his music label company.

In this article, you will learn all the information about Yo Gotti you want including Yo Gotti net worth. So, stay tuned and explore the life of Yo Gotti.

Early Life

The hometown of Yo Gotti is Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, and he was born there on 19th May 1981. Yo Gotti lived in “Ridgecrest Apartments” in Memphis, which are famous for criminal activities.

The father of Gotti was working as a “Gym Instructor” in a local Gymnasium, and he migrated to the USA from Zimbabwe. However, the mother, Gotti, belongs of South African descent.

The early day of Yo Gotti was not so much pleasure, as he was growing up in a criminal atmosphere. When Gotti was studying in second grade, Federal Agent raided his house and arrested some close relatives. After the arrest, his family members were present in from of the judge, who gave them a sentence of imprisonment of up to fifteen years.

 Due to all these conditions, Yo Gotti also got the attraction to criminal activities. But sooner, he felt that criminal life is not the right choice. During the dark time, Gotti was used to listening to a lot of rap music. Due to his music listening hobby, he became a rapper and started making rap songs at the age of fourteen. Since then, Yo Gotti did not return to his dark life and made his name famous in the music industry. Today everybody knows him as a music superstar.

Early Life of Yo Gotti

What is the second name of Yo Gotti?

The birth name Yo Gotti is “Mario Mims”. Throughout his childhood, he was known by his original name. When Mario Mims released his first rap song at the age of fourteen, he gave himself a stage name, “Lil Yo”. After that, he gained fame with his stage name “Yo Gotti”.

Personal Life

Throughout his life, Yo Gotti was related to two women. The name of the first woman in which Yo Gotti start taking interest I “Lakeisha Mims”. Soon after falling in love with her, Yo Gotti got married to her. The couple spent a decent time together and had two kids in a marital relationship. But after that, things started worsening in their relationship, which ended in the divorce.

After that, according to rumors was stayed in a relationship with “Jammie Moses”. Both had a good time together. But currently, as per information, Yo Gotti is spending his life as a single.


Career of Yo Gotti

The career of Yo Gotti consists of multiple ups and down. Most of his career is related to the music industry. Later, he also makes some investments in the real estate business.

Start of the career

As described earlier, Yo Gotti started raping at the age of fourteen years. But as professional rapper Yo Gotti started singing in 2000. This year Yo Gotti signed his first contract with a record label that is famous with the name “INEVITABLE”. Under this record label Yo Gotti releases the following albums:

  • From the Drop Game to The Rap Game
  • Self-Explanatory

Though his first two albums got a lot of popularity among listeners, he did not manage to increase his net worth. Later, after two years, Yo Gotti left “INEVITABLE” and signed a new contract with the “TVT” label. After joining the TVT music label, Yo Gotti released his first Album with the name “LIFE”. Life album goes super doper hit, and due to the success of “Life,” Yo Gotti earns a lot of money.

With the success of the “Life” album, it is estimated that he earns approximately five thousand US dollars. Yo Gotti keeps working with the “TVT” label for two years. In 2005 he started exploring other ventures and released multiple solo and collaborative songs.

In 2005 Yo Gotti made collaborative songs with the following artists:

  • Pretty Ricky
  • Lil Wayne
  • Birdman
  • Bun B

After that, Yo Gotti starts again working on Album a song album with the name “Come to the basic”. This Album was released in 2006 and was a successful album. With the release of “Come to the basic”, Yo Gotti earns approximately fifteen thousand to twenty-five thousand US dollars. After that, Yo Gotti mainly focused on single songs.

Some famous single songs of Yo Gotti are as under which were released in 2009 and 2010:

 Five Star

  • Women Lie
  • Men Lie
  • Act right
  • Live from the kitchen (Album)

These single songs gained a lot of fame and did good business. The release of these songs “RIAA” gave him “GOLD CERTIFICATION”. Till 2012 Yo Gotti works with other record label music companies. However, in 2012 Yo Gotti made his record label with the name “COLLECTIVE MUSIC GROUP”, shortly known as “CMG”. First Album that Gotti released under his record label was “I Am” in November 2013.

“The Art of Hustle” is a time-hit Album by Gotti, released in 2016. The Latest Album of Yo Gotti is “Unstrapped”, and the release year of this Album is 2020. Unstrapped is the tenth Album of Yo Gotti, which was enlisted in the top ten on the billboard 200 chart.

Yo Gottiā€™s career in the real estate business

A report indicates that Gotti is involved in the real estate industry. As early in his career as a real estate investor, he bought homes, repaired them, and resold them.

An absurd mansion in Westlake Village, California, was purchased by Yo Gotti in June 2021 for $7.6 million. An incredible infinity pool overlooks a golf course and is located on a 3-acre estate with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a tennis court.

Yo Gotti Net worth

Throughout his career, Yo Gotti made fantastic efforts in making rap and hip-hop music. As of 2022, Yo Gotti Net worth is approximately sixteen million US dollars. In the United States, he is regarded as among the highest-paid rappers and songwriters.

His record sales, streams, merchandising, and performances had already earned him substantial wealth from the music industry. A Yo Gotti show typically costs between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000. Additionally, the rapper earned over $ 500,000 from endorsement deals with famous brands, including Child splay, Hood America, PRIVE Restaurant & Lounge, and others.


So, here is all the essential information about Yo Gotti net worth, life, and career. Being born in a criminal environment and rising as a star in the competitive music industry of the USA is a very challenging task. Yo Gotti tested himself and passed all the challenges. Yo Gotti has enough wealth in both forms, i.e. money and respect in the country.

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  • Which game does Yo Gotti like to play?

A favorite pastime of Gotti is playing soccer with his son.

  • Gotti made a documentary about his life struggle. What is the name of this documentary?

In Born Hustler, Yo Gotti depicts the early years of his life and the challenges he faced in a documentary name “Born Hustler”.


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