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3A Hair:What Is It And How To Care And Style 3A Hair

3A curly hair

Hair is a central part of anybody’s personality. You can improve your personality by knowing and improving your hair. There are mainly five types of hairs that you can have, and these types of hairs are as follows:

  • Curly hair
  • Kinky or coily hair
  • Straight hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Curly hair

This blog will guide you in detail about a type of curly hair which is known as called 3A hair. So, without wasting further time, let gets start exploring 3A hair.

What is 3A hair Type, and What does 3A hair look like?

Many people have curly hair and do a lot of things to tackle curls. First, a person with a curl in their hair must know which curl she has. Knowing about the exact curl type is a bit tough job. But this guide will help you to tackle this problem.

If you have loose spiral curls in your hair, then you probably have a special type of curly hair called the 3A hair type. Other types of curly hair have tighter curls.

The properties of 3A-type curly hair are as follows:

  • The 3A hair type’s curls look flatter compared to other curly hair types.
  • The textures made with this type of hair look fine to medium.
  • It is also a property of 3A hair that they don’t have too much body and volume.
  • The fizziness of these hairs is much lower than other curly hairs.
  • The curls are very soft for these hairs type.
  • 3A-type hair also has more shine.
  • If you have this type of hair, you have to worry less about managing them, because this hair is easy to manage and maintain.

2C 3A hair

2C is also a type of curly hair with more tight curls compared to 3C curly hair type. 2C hair is most of the time confused with 3A-type curly hair. In 2C hair, the hair has actual curls, and in 3A has just waves of hair. If you see 2C 3A hair with the naked eye, you can not differentiate between them.

If you want to differentiate between these two types of hair, you must pay attention to the curl pattern. If you see an “S” type pattern in the curls, which look zig-zag, then it must be 2C type hair.

On the other hand, the 3A type curly hair has precisely “S” type hair, making a spiral pattern.  

How to take care of 3A hair?

After having an understanding of what is 3A-type hair? Now it’s time to know how to care for 3A hair. This section will teach you tips and tricks to maintain 3A hair.

1.     Hydration

The human body is made with 60 percent of water and needs proper hydration. Without proper hydration, your curly hair tends to break more easily. So, take special care to hydrate your curl correctly. You can do the following thing to hydrate curly hairs:

  • You can hydrate 3A hair by using a reputable conditioning product.
  • Leave-in treatment is another way that you can use to maintain the hydration of curly hairs.

2.     Trimming

You can also take care of your curls by trimming them regularly. Ten to twelve weeks are ideal for retrimming 3A-type hairs. By doing so, you can keep your curly hair healthy and keep its look astonishing.

3. Wash 3A hair less often, and how often should you wash 3A hair?

For maintaining the health of 3A, hair washing is an important part. Wash your hair can generate extra dryness, which causes hair breakage. So, it is recommended to wash your hair less often. Ideally, you can wash your hair twice a week or as needed.

Additionally, wash your hair with shampoo and condition them with a conditioner that has the following ingredients in it:

  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter

4.     Curly strands protection

Protecting curly strands is equally essential to take better care of them. You can protect your curl by following methods:

  • Cover your hair with a scarf, cap or hat whenever you go out on a sunny day.
  • Using a spray that saves curls from heat while working in more temperature areas is also recommended.
  • It would help if you used sunblock hair Careem to protect your curl against UV damage.

5.     Avoid hair products with sulfate and chemicals

Nothing is more dangerous for your curly hair as sulfate. Sulfate produces dryness in your curly hair. So, avoiding anything like shampoo with sulfate ingredients in it is highly recommended. 

6.     Scalp nourishing

The scalp needs proper nourishment alongside your hair if you want healthy 3A hair. Clarifying shampoo can help you clean the steps of your hair and you should use it once a month.

7.     Use satin pillows and bed sheets

Satin is a very 3A-type hair-friendly cloth because it helps in the following ways:

  • It helps in retaining moisture in your curls.
  • Your curly hairs are safe from frizzing out due to satin.
  • You can also enhance the shine of your hair by using satin for sleeping purposes.

So, by keeping all these points in mind, you must use satin pillows, bedsheets, and scarf made with satin.

8.     Adopt the curly grid method

The curly grid method is another way to care for your 3A hair type. The method of this process is consist on following steps:

  • Cleanse (With appropriate shampoo)
  • Condition (With conditioner)
  • Curl (With tools)

9.     Styling

It would help if you also were gentle when styling your curly hair. You must follow the following instruction while stylizing your 3A-type hairs.

  • Wet hair can more easily be damaged. So, it would help if you avoided harsh tugging or pulling of hair when they are wet.
  • If you want to dry your 3A-type hair with the help of blow, then you must use a diffuser to reduce the frizz.
  • You also must detangle your complete hair with the help of a detangling brush.

How to style 3A hair? Creative Ideas for 3A Hair Hairstyles

For those with 3A hair type, finding the perfect hairstyle can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can adapt many creative hairstyles to suit your hair type and give your look a unique twist. Here are the top 5 3A hairstyles to try and find your perfect style.

1. Soft Bouffant

The soft bouffant is one of the easiest hairstyles to create. You only need a few bobby pins, light-hold hairspray, and a texturizing spray. Start by grabbing small sections at the top of your crown and pinning them back away from your face. Then use the texturing spray to add volume before setting it with hairspray. You’ll have a great look that works for casual and dressy occasions!

2. Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail is a classic look that works well with any hair type, including 3A hair. To achieve this style, start by spraying your hair with a heat protectant spray and using a flat iron to straighten it.

After each section has been straightened, gather the lengths in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band, then use pomade wax to tame any flyaways and ensure your hair won’t move out of place during the day.

3. Curly bob

For an edgy look, why not try a curly bob? It works beautifully with 3A hair, as the extra texture can create a stunning volume and give you that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ finish.

Take curl-enhancing mousse and gently scrunch it into your hair, then use a diffuser dryer on a low heat setting to dry in the desired style. When finished, spritz your hair with a shine spray for that long-lasting glossy effect.

4. Half-up, Half-down Braid

This half-up, half-down braid hairstyle is perfect for 3A hair, as it showcases the definition that this type of hair often has. Start with clean and dry hair, then use a balm or curl cream to add moisture and define the curls.

Separate your curls into two parts – top and bottom halves – and secure the top part using an elastic band. Comb through the top section, then start braiding from the base of your neck upwards, towards the crown area, until you reach the end of your plait. Finish by securing with a small elasticated band.

5. Scarf updo

A scarf updo is a great way to show off beautiful 3A curls. Begin by using a leave-in conditioner or curl cream on your damp hair and part it into two sections. Finger comb the back half of your hair, twist it up in a bun and then secure it with bobby pins. Wrap your favorite scarf around the bun.

Gently loosen the loose curls in the front section using your fingers, then wrap those up in a knot at the nape of your neck and secure them with bobby pins for an elegant finish.

Apart from this if you are interested to know more about Aesthetic Hairstyles then visit our Fashion category.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can 3A hair get a box braid?

Yes, you can make box braids with your 3A hairs. In general, 3a hair will usually be able to wear most styles suitable for straight, wavy, or curly hair types. You may end up with slightly different results, but the styles are achievable with 3a curls, including braids, buns, French twists, etc.

Is it possible to get curly hair with 3A?

3A hair is susceptible to damage, frizz, and dryness, just like all curly hair types. However, 3A curls can also be flattened easily. The best way to care for 3A hair is to choose curl-defining products that moisturize and smooth your curls without weighing them down. Listed below are our top tips for caring for 3A hair.



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