Alice Adair: Education, Family, Personal Life, And Other Info

Alice Adair

Alice Adair

Alice Adire is an famous American actress. She always dreamed of being an actress. She grew up in Colorado while working for her dream. Alice Adair’s birth date is June 26, 1966, and she was born in the United States of America. She acted in “Beverly Hills Cop 2” as Jan Bogomil. Secondly, she acted as Diane McBride in “Quantum Leap.” She made her first screen debut in an episode of Miami Vice in season 3. After a year, she acted in the action-comedy “Beverly Hills Cop 2”. 

Her birth sign is Leo. Alice Adair shows her acting skills a lot in her career, but after thirty years of acting career, she retired.

Another name for Alice Adair is Deborah Adair. Her net worth is 1.1 million US dollar. She made this massive amount of money from her career in the film industry. Now she turns 56 years old on June 26, 2022.

Alice Adair Education

There isn’t much information about what she studied, but we all know that she has taken what she is interested in as her career. She studied at a college named Colorado State University-Pueblo. Alice Adair always participated in plays that were at the school level. She also studied drama, which helped her in building a bright future.


There are no memories of Alice Adair with her mother or family. She wasn’t too close to her immediate family. The father of Alice Adair is a very famous and wealthy man. He acted as a hero with the name Alchemist.

She has two uncles from her mother’s side, Blake Hill and Sean Pendleton. She also has an uncle from her father’s side named Phillip Adair. 

Personal life

Alice Adair was 22, and Borlin was 20 when they got married. Both of them were newbies in the acting industry at that time. She got married to Josh Borlin, who was also an American actor. (Brolin’s work) Borlin started his career with the movie The Goonies. He played the villain role in Marvel Cinematic Universe and took part in many other movies like Deadpool2, Men in Black 3, and Old American Gangster. 



Their son Trevor Brolin was born in 1988. Trevor had written a brief short story and also acted in that story (All Kids Count). Trvor also take part in making of his father short film. Trvor also plays an important role in the making of a six minutes short film, which the name of “Felt.” The movie felt was released in 2011.

He was an actor for a short time, but he was a producer and writer for most of his life. Instead of acting, he chose to stay behind the camera, although he chose the same field as his parents. Trevor has no social media presence and does not get much media attention.


Alice Adair’s daughter Eden Brolin was born in 1994. She acted in numerous television series, following in her parent’s footsteps. Charlie Singer and Mia Yellowstone are two of her most prominent roles. She got married to Cameron Crossby. Eden Brolin is also active on her Instagram and social media accounts. She often posts her life events there, and we get a lot of information about her life there.


Alice Adair and Josh Borlin got divorced after the birth of their daughter. They lived their married life from 1988-1994. They got divorced only after six years. Maybe their early marriage is the reason for their early divorce. But they still live together, so their children won’t face any difficulty because of their divorce. They are not comfortable sharing the reason for their divorce.

After their divorce, Borlin got married to two other women and became engaged to an actress Minnie Driver. But he continues with the third woman of his life, his current wife, Kathryn Boyd. Although Alice got divorced from Josh, she still maintains a relationship other than a wife with Josh (as a friend). In an interview, Josh revealed his relationship with Alice: he said something like that: Alice and I are in a comfortable friendship, and we are happy with that.


She was famous as an American movie actress as she lived in America, so she continued her career there. Her debut was a short video that was released in 1985. Alice Adair started her career with a role in the crime series “Miami Vice 2” (Sarah).

She also appeared in the “Beverly Hills Cop 2” action comedy film. After that, she played a role in the Twilight saga “What are friends for?” as Alice Asher. Alice Adair performed a dating role in “Quantum Leap,” which is her most famous role of her in that show. She has got a lead role in “Desperado” as Rachel Sletan. 

In 1990 she acted as Kathleen Devlin in the Young Raider’s first season. She also acted in Sulzer, a 1992 drama. Her career was not that much blossomed, but she could do most of the notable roles in many dramas. She first appeared in the episode “Streetwise.”


She retired from her career in 1992. Alice spent three and a half decades in the entertainment industry. She got completely cut off from the spotlight and even changed her name to avoid getting caught by fans. Alice was active in her entertainment life for about 30 years.

Beverly hills cop two movies was the highest-earning movie of her career as an actress, which got $30 million at the box office. Her last movie name was Rideshare which was released in 2015.

She lived happily with her two children, Trevor Brolin and Eden Brolin. Also, she is a successful businesswoman. She is not interested in social media and does not spend time posting videos or photos about her personal life.


To summarize all about Alice Adair, she was a successful actor despite the fact she did not get too many lead roles, but she did get notable roles. She got famous because of her acting roles in Twilight and Beverly hills. She spent a really big part of her life in the entertainment industry. Now, as she is getting old, she is living a peaceful life.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Alice Adair’s father’s name?

A: Her father’s name is Charles Adair.

Q: What is the height of Alice Adair?

A: Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.


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