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How Much Money Do Personal Trainers Make?

Do you have a personal trainer, or are you thinking of becoming one? If so, you need to know how much you can expect to make. This can help you decide if becoming a personal trainer is right for you. This article takes on how much personal trainers make and breaks down the primary factors that affect annual salary.

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The Trainer’s Skill Level

An experienced personal trainer with a great reputation and customer list can earn a six-figure income. Being a personal trainer, the rates are based on an hourly payment and not on the results achieved.

On average, a personal trainer will make anywhere between $60 – $150 per hour. Beyond their base salary, personal trainers can also increase their earnings. They can do this through more training sessions and bonuses for client referrals.

Trainers can augment their income by developing online training courses to earn a master CPT certification, workshops, and other trainer tips. The key to earning a good income as a personal trainer lies in building a solid business, marketing, and networking to get more clients.

The Type of Training They Offer

Trainers who specialize in one-on-one consultation, create customized workouts, and provide ongoing support often have higher rates than those who offer generic fitness classes. Those offering specialized services, such as corrective exercise, nutritional counseling, and post-therapy rehabilitation, may also charge more for their services.

By leveraging their experience and certifications, personal trainers can set their rates and attract clients. Private coaching may involve more than physical training and may include nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice, and even mental conditioning to help clients reach their goals.

Group sessions may involve fewer personalized services but can attract more clients and are priced per participant. You can determine the ultimate rate that a trainer charges by their client demographic, experience level, and the value they offer.

The Market They’re Located

Personal trainers who are located in markets with high demand for their services can earn more money. This could be due to the area containing more gyms, fitness studios, and other health and wellness options for clients and the number of potential clients in the vicinity.

Economic and geographical factors can also have an effect when factoring in just how much money a personal trainer can make. Personal trainers in top-earning areas often make a base annual salary of $60,120 in the southwest and $56,281 in the northwest.

The Chosen Career Path

A career as a personal trainer is an excellent choice for those looking to make a living while helping others. With the right credentials and the proper motivation, personal trainers can make a great salary.

Personal trainers can also opt to join gyms or health clubs, where they may make an hourly wage plus commission. In any way or whatever route they take, these fitness professionals have to earn a dependable and rewarding income.

Use This Personal Trainers Guide

Personal trainers have the potential to make a nice living using their knowledge and skills. Like the trainer’s skill level, the training they offer, the market they’re located and the chosen career path. What are you waiting for? Get certified and become a personal trainer guide today!

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