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How to Choose the Best HVAC Company

It’s crucial to choose a reliable and professional HVAC service. Here’s a guide on how to find and decide on the best HVAC company in your area.

In the United States alone, 3 million heating and cooling systems get replaced each year. On top of that is the $14 billion Americans spend annually on HVAC repairs and services.

After all, home heaters and air conditioners have become a necessity for comfort. Experts even say they’re a must for survival, as we now experience more extreme cold and heat events.

Thus, if your home heater or AC is on the fritz, it pays to hire the best HVAC company to handle its repairs.

Below are tips on finding and choosing the right HVAC service provider, so read on.

Check Their Credentials

Most states require heating and cooling system professionals to carry a contractor license. To get licensed, these experts must perform the following:

  • Prove their education and skills
  • Have their backgrounds checked
  • Pass the state licensure exam
  • Purchase and maintain commercial insurance

Therefore, licensure proves a home heating and cooling contractor’s expertise and legitimacy. That’s also why you should only hire a licensed contractor to tinker with your HVAC system.

Reputable HVAC contractors typically make their license info available on their websites. Note these down, as you can run them on your state’s Board of Contractors’ online license lookup tool. The tool can then tell you if the license is valid, invalid, suspended, or expired.

See if They Provide Emergency Services

People exposed to high heat and humidity can develop minor to serious heat illnesses. The more severe they are (e.g., heat exhaustion and stroke), the deadlier they can be.

For that reason, you’d want to ensure your air conditioner is always in top condition. But, unfortunately, it can malfunction at the worst times; for example, on a weekend or a holiday.

The good news is that the most reliable HVAC companies offer 24/7 air conditioning services. Likewise, they provide emergency, round-the-clock heating repair. After all, they know that HVAC systems can break down at any time of the day.

Give Them a Trial Call

An excellent way to gauge an HVAC company’s reliability is how they address your issue over the phone. The most reliable ones will, at the very least, offer initial troubleshooting advice. They won’t insist you need HVAC repair without first asking you to do these basic steps.

Suppose your home cooling system isn’t producing enough cool air. Then you may have a faulty thermostat, a filthy air filter, or dirty air vents.

In response to your issue, a reliable HVAC expert will ask you to check the thermostat first. They may also advise changing your air filter or cleaning your vents. Then, they will ask you to call them back to schedule your service only if those DIY fixes don’t work.

On the other hand, a less reputable company may tell you straight up you need repairs. They may not even ask you further questions; instead, they may insist you need service. Take this as a red flag to bring your business elsewhere.

Hire Only the Best HVAC Company

Now you know that the best HVAC company has a valid license and provides 24/7 services. Its technicians are also dependable, offering initial troubleshooting advice for free.

So the next time you need an HVAC service provider, keep those factors and our tips in mind. They can help you narrow down your search to a reputable contractor.

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