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Leveraging SMS Marketing to Drive Customer Loyalty

In order to achieve customer loyalty, your brand needs to have a plan in place and be patient. When a plan is integrated, the customers are able to become loyal and remain loyal. A good plan to use today is SMS marketing to drive customer loyalty. You can use many methods to drive customer loyalty. Below are a few of the popular ways.

Encourage Loyalty Program By Promoting To Subscribers

In order to quickly earn loyalty towards your brand, you should encourage your subscribers to sign up if they haven’t already. This will help maintain engagement by sending them messages concerning the details of the loyalty program. Your new subscribers will be able to enjoy the benefits that the loyalty program offers. You can provide offers that include a certain amount off for purchases made in the future. This type of promotion can help your subscribers become excited about what you are offering and cause loyalty to grow.

The current loyal customers that you have will also be able to take advantage of this. By implementing tools, you can reward members with points when they become subscribers to your loyalty program.

Send Welcome Messages To Encourage Positive Behavior From New Subscribers

When a new subscriber has signed up, you should send the new loyal customer a welcome message instantly so that they have you fresh in their mind. This welcoming is a perfect way to have points earned and obtain many other benefits that a VIP would enjoy. This way, your brand’s loyalty program can appear unique.

Enhance Participation In Loyalty Program By Sending Reminders Concerning Point Balance

When loyal member has a reminder of how many points they have, they may be encouraged to use them when they make a purchase in the future. Sending a message that is targeted at their current balance of points and what can be redeemed with them may be all that is needed to have them participate more. When you stay connected through the updates you provide, the engagement you obtain will rise, as well as loyalty.

Distribute Offers To Loyal Members

In order for engagement to be enhanced, it is a good idea to have offers distributed to loyal members. Offer an increased amount of points and have the announcements made through texting. This method will encourage a purchase to be made once an offer is made concerning the points they have. Besides keeping loyal customers engaged with the program, they will be able to help with order volume.

Provide Perks And Personalization To VIPs

The consumers of today are looking for brands that provide exclusivity, so it is important that your loyal customers feel important. By using an SMS broadcast, they will be aware of perks that are available to them and their needs. If a customer needs a specific type of shipping, then you can remind them about certain sales that can have their items delivered when they need them.

Maintain Purchase Rates By Expiring Loyalty Points

Many prefer to use SMS marketing due to its quickness and convenience, which makes contacting them easy through their phone so that information pertaining to their loyalty program can be obtained. When your loyal customers are aware of their points, they will feel urged to make purchases before they expire. You can target loyalty members who have points that will expire within a month. This will allow you to experience a high purchase rate without any liability towards loyalty.

Keep Programs Connected To Your SMS Marketing

When you are able to keep programs connected to your SMS marketing strategies, your marketing channel will remain an important part of it. This is done by sharing the data among them. The SMS and your loyalty program will then be able to control the desired behavior and thus maintain loyalty.


With the methods above, your loyal customers are able to remain loyal and increase your profits. Not only that, but the methods can also create a personalized experience which will likely also cause new customers to become a new member of your loyalty program.



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