Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator


Today, the real estate industry is one of the most successful industries. Many individuals are interested in purchasing and selling the property. The whole real estate business process involves many steps, and all these steps are completed with the help of multiple professionals. The real estate transaction coordinator is the person who helps you in the completion of a successful real estate deal.

In this article, you learn comprehensive information about real estate transaction coordinators. So, without wasting any further time, let’s explore the information about real estate transaction coordinators.


Real estate transaction coordinator

A real estate transaction coordinator describes a professional who helps manage all transactions for multiple real estate. Mainly real estate transaction coordinator performs the following duties:

  • The first thing that a transaction coordinator perform is to complete “ESCROW PAPERWORK.”
  • A transaction coordinator ensures that all the real estate offers and counteroffers are approved and come to a logical end.
  • The property needs proper repair, maintenance, and inspection. The real estate coordinator has taken the necessary actions for repair and maintenance.
  • Documentation is a very important part of any real estate deal; all the documentation is the responsibility of a transaction coordinator.

A transaction coordinator works in a proper real estate office to perform all the work smoothly.

Why does the real estate business need a transaction coordinator?

Most solo real estate agents initially choose to handle the transaction themselves. There are two reasons for newbie real estate agents to handle all the task solo.


In the first instance, it gives the agent greater control over the process. Completing transactions will also give them a better understanding of the processes and potential pitfalls, which will prove helpful if they decide to expand their real estate team.


When anybody comes to the real estate business, he must invest money in multiple directions. Due to the limited budget, the real estate agent initially handled all the transaction tasks alone.

The need for a Transaction Coordinator arises when an agent works simultaneously with multiple buyers and seller clients. By enlisting the assistance of a transaction coordinator, everything runs more smoothly, so the agent is not overburdened with too many tasks at once and burns out.

Why does the real estate business need a transaction coordinator?

Responsibilities of a real estate transaction coordinator

The transaction coordinators must perform multiple tasks during duty hours. The following points highlight the main responsibilities of a transaction coordinator:


A transaction coordinator’s first very important responsibility is supervising all the transactions during any real estate deal. Transaction coordinators mainly handle two types of transactions.

  • The first transaction of money from the buyer of the property.
  • The second transaction is transferring the money to the house’s seller after deducting all the dues.

Inspection and repairs

In any real estate deal, the client’s property inspection is important. Scheduling the inspection in coordination with the customer and making sure on time inspection is the responsibility of a real estate transaction coordinator.

In the result of the property inspection, if the client highlights any repair. Afterward, the transaction coordinator arranges for the repair and maintenance to be completed.

Provide assistance

It is also the responsibility of a transaction coordinator to assist the real estate agent and all the stakeholders like the seller, buyers, etc. in the completion of the following tasks:

  • Necessary Paperwork
  • Escrow documentation like appraisals, mortgage loans, title, and appraisals.

Handling of buyers’ offer

An agent coordinates the real estate transaction by ensuring that the seller approves the buyer’s offer and counteroffer. So, the real estate deal comes to a logical end.

Verification of real estate documentation

The real estate coordinator ensures that each document contains all the correct signatures and dates in the order required for the transaction to proceed smoothly.

Arranging closing events

A transaction coordinator also plans for the closing event of any real estate deal. A closing event is held between the buyer and seller to finalize the deal. Database management

The management of client information on an official database system is the duty of a real estate coordinator. In addition to managing the database, a coordinator is responsible for submitting all the necessary documents to the broker’s office.

What are the steps to becoming a real estate transaction coordinator?

Like any other profession, you must follow some steps to become a real estate transaction coordinator. These steps are as follows:


The first step toward becoming a real estate coordinator is to complete your education by obtaining a high school diploma. You can also qualify for the real estate transaction coordinator job by acquiring a certificate from GED (General Education Development) course. By gaining college experience, you may be able to increase your chances of being selected for the coordinator position.


After completing the education phase, you must obtain a license as a real estate coordinator.


Experience is the most important step to becoming a coordinator. Following are the list of experience that will help you in getting a coordinator job:

  • Real estate industry work experience
  • Transaction management
  • Managing real estate titles and mortgages.

Applying for the job

After completing all the steps, finding a real estate coordinator job and applying for it is time. If you receive a job offer, you can begin work once you have passed your interview.

Responsibilities of a real estate transaction coordinator


The real estate transaction coordinator is a very lucrative job in demand. It would help if you had to prepare by following all the necessary steps to get success as a coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much can a real estate transaction coordinator earn?

Based on the average base salary for a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, the salary ranges between $38,733 and $55,445 per year. With an average total cash compensation of $45,593, total cash compensation, which includes base salary, bonuses, and other incentives, can range from $38,937 to $56,754.

  • Is it hard to work as a transaction coordinator?

As a general rule, people work to meet their financial needs. It is also important that the individual enjoys their work. It is not an easy career to become a transaction coordinator. Much paperwork is involved, quickly becoming monotonous as the process becomes increasingly complex.

  • Is there a specific set of skills required for the transaction coordinator position?

3. Skills related to administration:

The ability to perform a variety of tasks related to business.

2. Time management skills:

The ability to manage your time effectively and perform tasks promptly.

3. Ability to multitask:

You are being able to handle multiple tasks efficiently at a given time.

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