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Steering Wheel Cleaner: Best Method and Materials


To ensure that your vehicle’s steering wheel remains clean, you should clean and disinfect it regularly to ensure that its touch surfaces remain clean. The steering wheel is one of the things that we might not clean as often as we wash the body, rims, tires, and windows of our cars. With time, our hands accumulate dirt, bacteria, and body oils on our vehicle’s steering wheels.

There is also a possibility that food residue and grime could get trapped in a steering wheel with stitches.

This can be a frustrating experience for drivers who must deal with it daily. Steering wheels should be regularly cleaned and detailed to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. In this article, you will learn about different methods of cleaning a steering wheel with the help of a steering wheel cleaner.

Steering wheel cleaning with the help of different steering wheel cleaner

There is no one solution to clean all types of steering wheels. Generally, this is because various materials are used in making steering wheels, which will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Check the car’s manual or the vehicle’s brochure online if you still have access to the flyer to determine what material your steering wheel is made of.

For example, polyurethane (faux leather) looks and feels almost like genuine leather, so it is advisable to check before cleaning it. It is essential to be careful when cleaning specific types of steering wheels.

In the following section, you will learn about different types of materials that are used for the making of steering wheels.

What are the different types of steering wheels, and how to clean each type?

Leather steering wheel

Most modern luxury and high-end vehicles feature leather steering wheels. Besides being a pleasure to hold and grip, leather steering wheels can also add great enjoyment and engagement to the driving experience.

However, with a lot of pleasure, the cleaning procedure of the leather steering wheel want more care. You must not apply harsh steering wheels cleaner or extra pressure while cleaning leather steering wheels. In addition, you must not use the following cleaners while cleaning leather steering wheels.

  • Strong Interior Cleaners
  • Highly Concentrated Diluted APC

Using the cleaner mentioned above for the leather steering wheel, you might find cracks in your car’s steering wheel. You can clean leather steering wheels without damaging them by following the method below:

Cleaning procedure of leather steering wheel

Material required

Leather steering wheels are very sophisticated and need extra care during the cleaning procedure. It would help if you used such a cleaner especially made for leather cleaning. Alongside leather cleaner, you must also use a soft brush. It is recommended to avoid stiff brushes because hard brushes can damage leather very quickly.

Step-by-step method of cleaning a leather steering wheel

  1. First, you have to clean the leather steering wheels from dust with a fiber cloth.
  2. After cleaning off dust from the steering wheel, apply soft leather cleaner or conditioner on all parts of the leather with the help of a soft brush. During the application of leather cleaner, you must avoid applying excessive pressure to the steering wheel. Let the meeting do all the work using a leather cleaner.
  3. Once you cover the steering wheel with leather cleaner, gently rub it with the brush.
  4. After rubbing the steering wheel now, wipe out the extra cleaner with the help of a microfiber towel and look like the original mate finishing look the leather steering wheel appear or note. If you still do not get a mate finishing look, you must repeat the process.

Alcantara or Synthetic Textile Steering Wheel

Alcantara of synthetic textile steering wheels is used in most racing cars and a few high-end cars. You can get an extra grip with the help of synthetic textile material. However, the Alcantara steering wheel’s cleanliness is essential compared to other steering wheels.

If you don’t clean your Alcantara steering wheel more often, you will ruin it quickly. You can also save your synthetic textile steering wheel from destruction by avoiding eating food in the car.

However, the following is the best way to clean the Alcantara steering wheel perfectly.

Cleaning procedure of Alcantara steering wheel

Material required

  1. Dedicated Alcantara cleaning solution
  2. Soft medium detailing brush or toothbrush

Step-by-step method of cleaning an Alcantara steering wheel

  1. Use a soft fiber cloth to clean the steering wheel of visible dust and dirt.
  2. After cleaning the surface of the Alcantara steering wheel, directly apply a dedicated Alcantara cleaning solution to the steering wheel. You can also use the cleaning foam on the brush on the Alcantara steering wheel.
  3. Once you apply cleaning foam on the complete Alcantara steering wheel, you should rub it with the help of a soft medium detailing brush or toothbrush for at least one minute.
  4. After one minute, you have to clean the steering wheel with the help of microfiber.
  5. It is essential to use a very gentle brush after cleaning Alcantara surfaces so the surface can again “stand up”.

Faux Leather Steering Wheel

Faux leather is humans make material to get cheaper leather benefits. Synthetic leather is the second name of faux leather. Although faux leather is not as expensive as original leather, you must take special care while cleaning this type of steering wheel.

Cleaning procedure of leather steering wheel

Material required

  1. Faux leather cleaner
  2. Interior cleaning brush
  3. Microfiber cloth

Step-by-step method of cleaning a leather steering wheel

  1. Spray the faux leather cleaner on the cleaning brush and agitate it until it makes white foam.
  2. After that, cleans all the foam with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  3. If you feel any sickness on the wheel, you have to clear it with the help of water and a dry towel.

Steering wheel with covers

Some car owners prefer to use a cover to protect the steering wheel. The procedure of cleaning this covered steering wheel is dependent on the type of cover. If the surface is made of cloth, you can easily clean it by washing it. However, if the cover is made of leather, then you can use the same method mentioned above for cleaning the leather steering wheel.

Plastic Steering Wheel

The cleaning process of the steering wheel made of plastic is straightforward. You can clean the plastic steering wheel by following the steps below:

Cleaning procedure of Plastic Steering Wheel

Material required

  1. All Purpose Cleaner
  2. Water (For Dilution)
  3. Microfiber cloth

Step-by-step method of cleaning a Plastic Steering Wheel

  1. To clean the plastic steering wheel, you must first clean visible dirt from the steering wheel with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  2. After that, spray the all-purpose cleaner on a clean fiber cloth or brush and apply it to the steering wheel.
  3. Once you have applied the all-purpose cleaner, you should agitate the steering wheel with a microfiber cloth and extra pressure.
  4. After rubbing the wheel with fiber, dry the steering wheel with a second fiber cloth.

Natural Wood Steering Wheel

Nowadays, very few vehicles have wooden steering wheels. But because some old cars are still the wooden steering wheel, you also have information about cleaning these types of steering wheels.

Cleaning procedure of Natural Wood Steering Wheel

Material required

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Water
  3. Wooden polish

Step-by-step method of cleaning a leather steering wheel

  1. For cleaning wooden steering wheels, you should avoid a lot of moisture or solution because you might end up ruining the wood due to excessive humidity.
  2. After cleaning the steering wheel with a dry cloth, dip the cloth in water and gently rub the steering wheel with low pressure.
  3. Apply wooden polish to a glossy look, and that’s it. You got a neat, clean wooden steering wheel.

Synthetic Resins Steering Wheels

Nowadays, a lot of vehicles come with synthetic resins steering wheels. The properties of synthetic resins material are very close to plastic. So, without any fear, you can clean this type of steering wheel with the help of the same methods mentioned above for cleaning plastic steering wheels.


So, here is the method of cleaning of most commonly used steering wheels. In this article, you also learn about multiple types of steering wheel cleaners you can use for cleaning. Methods of cleaning the steering wheel are also discussed in detail in this article.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most appropriate way to clean the steering wheel?

Despite the value of a microfiber cloth, a dedicated cleaner is imperative as skin, oils, and bacteria from your hands will inevitably find their way onto the steering wheel surface.

What To Do If Your Steering Wheel Is Sticky?

  1. It is recommended that you scrub the wheel. Using a stiff bristle brush, apply a degreaser if you do not already own one.
  2. Clean it with a soft cloth. Once an area of the steering wheel has been thoroughly cleaned, wipe it off with a disposable shop towel to remove any remaining cleaner.
  3. After completing the process, add protection.


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