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TCL TV Reviews

T3’s review of the TCL C715 is here. It’s safe to say that if TCL’s goal with the C715 was to grab our attention, they were successful.

A QLED panel, which Samsung favors for its higher-end 4K products, as well as the most recent Android smart platform, are both found inside this very inexpensive flatscreen. It’s not simply a cheapie with a dusty spec.

Considering that TCL is already one of the largest screen producers in the world, it seems odd that the company is gradually becoming a household name. A TV to yell about is the TCL C715, and we’re listening right now.


There are three screen sizes available for the TCL C715: 50, 55, and 65 inches (named the 50C715, 55C715, and 65C715 respectively). Additionally, the costs are incredibly affordable. Priced at £499 for the 50-inch model, £599 for the 55-inch model, and £799 for the 65-inch model. The 55-inch model was evaluated for this review.

Excellent smart functionality. Android 9 may not be subtle, but it accomplishes the necessary tasks. For built-in voice control over basic TV functions, Chromecast is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

All of the major streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Rakuten TV, and Disney Plus, are also supported.

Freeview Play is acting as a supporting player, so we also receive fully integrated mainstream catch-up TV (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5), as well as UKTV Play and other less well-known accouterments.


We raise our thumbs. As we would anticipate from a QLED display, the C717 is bold and bright, providing comfortingly clear resolution and rich hues.

In accordance with its budget, the set is a mid-range HDR performance. Peak HDR brightness, which we tested at 400 nits, is just about adequate to lend depth to HDR video and provide enough headroom for specular highlights, light flares, and street lights to stand out on the screen.

The availability of Dolby Vision functionality for managing tone mapping is also beneficial. Dolby Vision content is widely available on Netflix, and it all has a suitably cinematic appearance.

HDR10+, which is supported by Amazon Prime Video, is also compatible with the set.

The 4K SDR and HD performance of the C715 are also really good. Its visuals have a cheery vitality, especially in scenes with good lighting.

Low Power and Smart HDR are two image preset that provide SDR content an HDR-like boost. The latter is actually the Standard setting and is appropriate for the majority of shows.


The audio system is more conventional. Although the TV is Dolby Atmos capable, the onboard Netflix app is not. This will alter in December when the C71 series receives an Android 10 software update, according to what is being said. Choose the Movie to sound preset in the interim because it at least slightly widens the soundstage.


The C715’s design is clever but unassuming, even if you wouldn’t anticipate an outrageous statement in the clearance section. The panel comes with feet that can be either locked in the center or moved toward the edge of the panel, a three-sided micro-bezel, and a metallic border.

Three 4K-capable HDMI inputs, one of which supports ARC, are located on the rear side. Aside from the onboard Wi-Fi, there are also two USB ports, Ethernet, a digital optical audio output, and an AV small jack input for older devices. The remote control is a straightforward pointer with separate buttons for Freeview Play and Netflix.

Navigation can be a little slow, even when all the smart fundamentals are present and accurate. The Samsung TVs and LG TVs in the same price bracket are touching the slicker. The UI simply doesn’t feel as smooth and flawless as some competing panels.

But as a gaming monitor, the C715 is undeniably impressive. Using the specific Game mode, we found that visual lag was only 9ms (1080/60). Take a look at T3’s top gaming TVs for additional console-friendly models, including those that support PS5 and Xbox Series X new features.


  • Q-led Color performance.
  • The streaming of apps on Android 9 is fantastic.
  • Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+



A fantastic choice for people seeking a mid-range television is the TCL C715. It has a gorgeous QLED panel that produces a beautiful image with brilliant colors and deep blacks.

The overall viewing experience is improved by the Dolby Vision HDR technology, making it perfect for streaming video and movies.

This TV is a wonderful option for gaming because it also has a reduced input lag. For individuals who wish to improve their TV without going over budget, the TCL C715 is a fantastic choice. When looking for a new television, it’s absolutely worth taking into account due to its amazing specs and reliable performance.

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