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Time to Remove that Old Popcorn Ceiling?

For years, popcorn ceilings were the norm, which means countless homes still have them in place. However, not many people consider popcorn ceilings attractive today. If your home is ready for an update, now is the time to consider a new ceiling finish option. While removing that old texture as a DIY project is possible, most people opt to have a drywall contractor complete the work,

Why Removing a Popcorn Ceiling is a Good Idea?

Since popcorn ceilings are no longer in vogue, many home shoppers avoid properties that haven’t been updated. Even if potential buyers make an offer, they may reduce that offer with the idea they’ll have to redo the ceilings before moving in. In either case, sellers lose money. That means it pays to remove popcorn ceiling finishes now.

At the same time, owners generally want to enjoy their properties, and updating aging designs is one way to improve the overall look and feel of a home. Design experts still recommend some textured finishes for walls and ceilings, but many do not. When exploring ways to update the look of a home, refreshing the ceilings is a good place to start.

Remember that popcorn ceilings are notoriously tricky to clean. The heavy texture is virtually impossible to keep clean, and painting old, stained popcorn only makes it more difficult to remove later. Rather than spending time trying to clean those old ceilings, look at new design trends to determine how to proceed. While the most popular ceiling finish trend in 2022 was a flat, smooth look, things may change.

What’s Involved in Removing Popcorn Ceiling Finishes?

Before any popcorn is removed, health experts recommend testing the material to ensure it doesn’t include asbestos. Ceiling texture applied in the 1970s or earlier may include asbestos, and protecting your health is crucial. Once the testing is completed, the process can proceed.

Prepping the area is next. Furniture should be removed from the room to protect it and create room to work. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be removed, and electrical boxes covered to protect them. This step is crucial as a safety precaution and to prevent damage to the fixtures.

In most cases, popcorn is removed using a scraper. While a drywall knife is commonly recommended, experts may use specialized tools. Any scraper must be thin and flexible to achieve the best results. Water is a must, as the finish will usually come off easier if it’s dampened before scraping. A garden sprayer works for dampening the ceiling, but over-wetting the area will damage the drywall. If you think scraping the popcorn from the ceilings is an easy DIY project, try scraping a small area to see how things go.

Once the old texture is removed, any retaping is handled to ensure the ceiling will look smooth and level when the work is completed. Any exposed nails or screws must also be covered. Once the drywall work is completed, the new finish is applied. ASAP Restoration Arizona has a team of professionals available 24/7 to respond to water damage emergencies in Arizona.

Consult a Drywall Expert for Advice

Because removing a popcorn ceiling is messy and time-consuming, consider contacting an expert for help before attempting the project yourself. The pros have the experience and equipment to complete the project quickly, and the results will be worth the investment.

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