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Top Ways to Enjoy Fast Food in a Healthy Fashion 

Irrespective of how health-conscious you might be, at one point or another, you are bound to find yourself stuck for time as you are hungry and browsing through the food menu of your favorite fast food restaurant. You look for instant fast food delivery options to satiate your hunger pangs. However, you might also feel guilty for ordering from a fast food chain given you are following a healthy diet. Worry no more! 

Thankfully, a number of fast food restaurants are increasingly making their menus easily accessible to all sorts of healthy-eating groups -including plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-calorie, and so more. There are several ways to enjoy your plate of fast food dishes in the most nutritious and guilt-free manner.  

Tips for Healthier Fast Food Eating 

When you choose fast food delivery, it is mostly because you are looking for something convenient. Remember the time when the only ‘healthy’ options at takeaways were rather boring salads. Now, you can have a myriad of options to try out that are delicious at the same time. In most fast food chains or restaurants, menu variety is about serving to the health needs of one & all. It is simple to easily associate healthy with low-calorie. However, it is crucial to understand that ‘healthy’ is a highly subjective and broad term.  

As long as you do not make eating out a daily habit, these meals are capable of providing some level of substantial sustenance. Here are some more tips to enjoy your favorite fast food dishes yet not worrying about your overall health and nutrition: 

  • Control Portion Sizes 

Super-sized portions imply double the calories -usually involving lots of salt, sugar, and fat. Even when you might not be on a weight loss goal, these large-portion meals can probably deliver more calories than you typically need in a single sitting. 

Try staying away from the easily available value meals. These might make ample sense economically, but not on nutritional grounds. Choose the regular or junior version of your favorite burger while keeping it simple by doing away with loads of mayonnaise and specialized dressing.  

  • Eat & Order Mindfully 

If consuming fast food is a part of your regular routine and consumed almost every day, it becomes more crucial to pay attention to the overall nutritional balance. This implies that you should ensure that you receive all the nutrients needed by your body -not replacing the essential ones.  

Eating and ordering mindfully stands true for all kinds of meals, including fast food dishes. Make sure you do not overdo your intake of fast food items on the go. Plan out and order fast food from reliable restaurants offering access to top-quality ingredients on your plate.  

  • Try Creating a Balanced Plate 

Look for a meal that features carbohydrates, proteins, and an abundance of fiber. At the very least, you can think of adding a fiber-rich aspect to your fast food meal. For instance, you can think of adding a side salad, beans, avocado, oatmeal, fruit bowl, or collard greens.  

You can consider going to fast food restaurants offering access to classic Mexican cuisines. It is because it is easier to come across an abundance of veggies, legumes, and whole grains in your plate. You can also think of opting for a super-healthy bowl of rich greens and browse rice. These fast food and healthy combinations are usually supremely satisfying while offering a boost of plant-powered nutrients at the same time. 

  • Opt for Grilled Items 

Fried and breaded food items -like breaded fish fillets and crispy chicken sandwiches, tend to be rich in fat and calories. Roasted or grilled food items are a healthier choice for your mid-day cravings.  

Grilling over high heat tends to release fat out of cooking meat. This is why grilled meats or food items are usually lower in calories than the fried or greased alternatives. Grilling also helps food items retain more of their essential minerals and vitamins while sealing in moisture and leaving you with a juicy meal without any additional fat. 

  • Drink Smart 

Water along with your meals serves to be the best choice when it comes to quenching your thirst. Milkshakes usually contain more calories than your entire meal. Still, if you wish to have something delicious with your fast food choices, here are some smart tips to follow: 

  • Choose unsweetened drinks like sparkling water, plain water, or plain teas 
  • Try preparing a flavorful infused tea or water by adding fruits like lime, lemon, watermelon, or cucumbers. You can also think of including herbs like basil or mint, and even spices like vanilla or cinnamon.  
  • As you order your favorite coffee, swap the sweet coffee creamer, whipped cream, or flavored syrup for almond milk or low-fat milk.  
  • In case you feel like ordering a sweetened drink, choose a smaller portion.  
  • Obtain Nutritional Information 

You can consider looking up nutritional information for most of the favorite fast food joints or restaurants online. It will help you plan what you wish to order before your stomach starts hinting you. As you order from a restaurant, do not get driven away by lip-smacking adjectives that go ahead with advertising the less healthy food options.  

Consider sticking to your thoughtful food choices as you start placing the order. Better yet, obtain nutritional information from the menu (if possible) and order intelligently.  


The bottom line is that your cravings to have fast food items should not sabotage your daily diet. While it is always great to have homemade meals with the freshest ingredients possible, it is not a pragmatic solution for all families or individuals. When you are grabbing fast food options, look for essential nutrients through whole grains, lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and dairy. 

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