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What Are the Advantages of Clearing Civil Services?

We all have encountered that relative in the family who always tells us to go for a job in the government sector.

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Indeed, getting a job in the government sector, especially in civil services will provide you with many benefits which are listed below.

Advantages Of Clearing Civil Services

Salary Benefits

The All India Services Officers earn their salaries based on the 7th pay commission. IAS officers acquire more than their salaries. The perks and advantages other than salary are much more than in any other work field in India. The least grade pay in the services is 16,500 which brings in the officer’s salary in the pay scale range of 50,000-150000. After years of work in the Government of India, the salaries boost as per the grade pay of the officers. The first promotion would improve the grade pay to 20,000 and the highest salary is of the cabinet secretary of India which is the highest post any civil servant can carry in his term.

Service Benefits

The Indian Administrative Services fetches you into the direct channel of the government decision-making procedure. You would be one of the chains in the authority. The officers are the ones structuring policies that make India and build it. The duty will be huge and will be fulfilled. The most significant part of this job is the fulfillment and satisfaction it delivers to the aspirants

Job Security

You would only be accountable to the President of India, as the IAS is deemed his representative in every district. IAS Officers rarely lose their jobs. They have an extremely strict process for the removal of an officer. This process undergoes very prominent inquiries and processes which have barely ever taken place. 


IAS officers are given residence facilities and transport facilities. All their expenditures are taken care of by the Government of India. They are authorized by one vehicle along with a chauffeur. They may also get. The advantage is all your bills (essentials) are borne by the Indian treasury. The officers along with residents get houses equipped with cooks, maidservants, security guards, gardeners, etc for their service and assistance.

Pension and Post-retirement facilities

The Civil Servants achieve life-long pensions and post-retirement facilities they can be assigned to various commissions as heads and most of the time the Government of India appoints them to many offices. They are also sought after by many firms that require their expertise in various situations.

Work-Life Balance

Most government employees relish a good work-life balance as government employment has fixed timings. Government jobs are an exemplary option for those who like to balance work and life.

Government jobs typically have fixed timings, which is very helpful for people who want to spend time with their families.

Although this can vary from one job to another, for example, in the case of those in the police force or health care, they have to accept and stay for different times.

Housing Facilities

Housing benefits are one of the best benefits you can get out of a government job. With increasing housing costs throughout India, it has become incredibly difficult for the common person to buy or rent a home.

However, when you have a government job, especially in higher posts such as IAS, the government makes it possible for you to live at government quarters for free or by paying a nominal amount, which will permit you to save money on housing.

Medical Benefits

There is a very great difference between a private-sector job and a government job. Private sector workers have to make do with medical cover provided by their employers.

In most cases, this is quite insufficient and leaves a lot to be wished for. The government, on the other hand, gives its employees medical coverage that is among the best in the country.

In addition, their family members are covered by health insurance as well.

Trips and diplomatic immunity

An IAS officer could stall a plane.  The flight would have to pause for him to sit in case he is late if he is on an official trip. This is the advantage of being a civil servant. Diplomatic immunity is another one of them. Get stuck in some place outside India and no one can arrest you if you are a diplomat of India, which is generally an IAS or IFS officer

Other Advantages

  • One can apply for State Civil Services Exams (State PCS) and can come to be a civil servant in a State. One doesn’t require to have domicile for applying for a particular State and can sit for as many State PCS exams as one wants. However, one must qualify for that State language exam. Hindi-speaking candidates can appear for nine State PCS exams.
  • Candidates who do not clear the interview stage can get appointed to top posts in the Public Sector Units (PSUs). To quote an example the newly constituted body, the International Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSC Authority) has asked for applications from those applicants who had attained the final stage of the CSE exam but could not be in the final round.
  • Other government exams you can sit for and clear easily are the UPSC EPFO, CAPF, CDS, RBI Grade B, Intelligence Bureau, and Railways.
  • You can look for other government jobs like Combined Graduate Level (CGL) conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC), as Probationary Officer (PO) in the banking sector, and as an educator by qualifying for the Teaching Eligibility Test (TET). You can also become a lecturer in a College, where you can acquaint yourself with undergraduates.
  • Get employed in the private sector/ corporate sector for a job.
  • Becoming a faculty/teacher in the field of UPSC preparation industry is also an outstanding career for people.

Wrapping Up

With so many advantages comes great responsibility. If you want these benefits, you should start preparing for your Civil Services exam. And once you get a job, you shouldn’t lean towards becoming a corrupt officer. Be honest with your preparation now and work later.

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