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Do Infrared Saunas Have Any Health Benefits?

Saunas are heated, enclosed therapeutic spaces in many designs, capacities, and seating options. The use of saunas for health is deeply rooted in history, with the Finnish culture claiming to be the inventors. Traditional saunas heat the air around users, causing their bodies to kickstart the cooling process. In recent years, however, many sauna users have switched to infrared versions that emit a light wavelength the body absorbs without heating the surroundings. Research shows that infrared sessions can improve overall wellness. Millions of users buy home infrared saunas to enjoy their health benefits whenever they want. 

Weight Loss 

In studies of obese adults who used an infrared sauna for two weeks, subjects lost body weight and fat. Researchers believe the results are due to increased heart rate during sessions and the fact that the body must work hard and burn calories while attempting to cool down. With these benefits in mind, many sauna shoppers seek expert advice online to find the best model for weight loss. 

Studies also show that sessions might have a balancing effect on hunger. The Muscle & Bone Clinic says that sauna therapy may increase ghrelin, the hunger hormone, in those with a low appetite. Sessions might also balance the hormone level in those who are obese.

Heart Health 

Heart Health 

University of British Columbia research indicates that infrared sauna therapy helps lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure, and reduce chronic pain. Sessions provide therapeutic value to patients suffering from congestive heart disease. A report by the Japanese Circulation Society revealed that sauna therapy could reduce heart arrhythmias and chronic heart failure symptoms.

Rest and Relaxation

Per the Cleveland Clinic, a session in an infrared session is a relaxing experience linked to several health advantages. Saunas have been associated with reduced depression, stress, and anxiety. The process works like meditation in a warmer atmosphere.  

NIH data shows that infrared therapy can improve sleep quality. A calming session makes it easier to release stress and fall asleep. An infrared sauna also produces red light that causes the body to generate sleep-inducing melatonin.  

Pain Relief 

Infrared sauna therapy can reduce chronic pain without causing side effects associated with medications. Research in the Netherlands shows four weeks of sauna therapy reduced pain for those with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. It also minimized fatigue and stiffness. Researchers feel these benefits result from reduced inflammation, lessening the joint friction associated with chronic pain. 

Chronic Fatigue

One study found that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) got significant relief from infrared saunas. CFS patients sat in a 140°F sauna for 15 minutes. Then they rested for 30 minutes under a blanket. Patients had one session per day, five days per week, for four weeks. 

Anxiety, depression, and negative moods improved significantly for patients undergoing therapy. Fatigue ratings dropped from 6.7 to 4.8 (on a scale of 1 to 10.) Researchers believe that sauna sessions reduced oxidative stress and improved cardiac output, which caused the improvement.

Infrared saunas have become popular because they promote relaxation and offer several other health benefits. Among these are improved heart health, pain relief, and better sleep. Infrared sessions are also linked to weight loss and relief of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

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