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Imginn Instagram downloader for posts, videos, stories, avatars, and more

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform with more than one billion users across the world. But if you want to enjoy Instagram features, you must sign up, make an account, and sign in into the platform. This is the only official way to know about different personalities or even your friends who have instream accounts.

But what if you somehow you did not want to make an insta account and still want to get all the info that is present on Instagram? Here website comes to help you out. In this article, you will learn all the information about the imginn website.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s start exploring must-know features of imginn com.

What is an imginn website?

Imginn is a simple website that allows you to use all features of Instagram without signing up for the social media platform. It is free of cost website that not only enables you to view your friend’s profile or your favorite celebrity’s profile, but it also gives you exclusive access to downloading the following things from Instagram:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Avatar
  • Reels
  • Stories

You must know that imginn allows you to download different things from public profiles. You can’t browse or download private instagram account info through this website.

Is imginn anonymous?

In the internet age, privacy is the primary concern in everybody’s life. So, you also want to know if the imginn website can give you the feature of anonymity? The answer is “Yes” while browsing the website, the site entirely hides your identity, and no one even knows that you have watched or download the profile, reel, or even story of any Instagram account.

Is imginn safe?

Security is essential while browsing any website available on the internet. And you might also be concerned about an imginn site that is safe to use. Experts closely analyzed the imginn site and concluded that the Imginn website received a low security. Therefore, there is a particular risk involved. Your use of the site will determine how it works.

Is imginn down?

Certain internet users are concerned that the website “imginn” is not working. So, the good news for all users is that the imginn is working perfectly. Go to and search imginn. Open the first link in the search results, and you are ready. Enjoy browsing Instagram anonymously and safely.

Does imginn notify the insta account owner that you download anything?

No, imginn didn’t tell anybody that you even browse or download anything from their account.

How does imginn work?

Before knowing how the imginn works, first you must understand the interface of the site. The following picture elaborates landing page of the website:

Imginn interface
  • Here you can see that the site logo is present at the center of the page in the first row.
  • Right behind the logo is a search bar with “Enter username” text with a search button which is present at the end of the search bar.
  • At the end of the landing page, you can view the “About Us” and “Remove Account” options. This footer links most of the time is not used by any user.

So, imginn has a straightforward, unique, and clear interface. You did not have to follow a particular procedure to use the website. In other words, imginn is a one-scroll website.

Steps of “How to use imginn?”

After knowing about the imginn com site, it’s time to know the steps of “How to use imginn?”

Step No 1:

Steps of "How to use imginn?" Step No 1:

To use the imginn com website, first, you have to go to the website which is, or you can also go to the imginn official site by searching “imginn” term in google or any other search engine. After searching the term, click on the first link. After clicking, you will land on the home page of the site.

Step No 2:

Steps of "How to use imginn?" Step No 2

Now you have to locate the search bar and type the main keywords in your mind about your friend or personality. For example, if you want to browse about ” Scarlett Johansson’s” insta account. Type in the search bar ” Scarlett Johansson.” By typing the specific name and clicking on search option imginn platform shows you multiple search results.

Step No 3:

Steps of "How to use imginn?" Step No 3:

Now from search results, identify and click the desired insta account that you are looking for on Instagram website.

Step No 4:

Steps of "How to use imginn?" Step No 4

Once you click on a specific profile from the search result then, you can browse the following things of an insta account:

  • Post (In the post, you can see and download photos and videos of insta posts)
  • Stories (Due to the absence of reel support, clicking on stories will only display highlights.)
  • Tagged (A person tags other individuals on their posts to reach out to them. The interface displays posts and videos from accounts that have been tagged.)

All three options are present right beneath the profile picture. (As show in picture)

How to download Instagram image stories by using imginn com?

Follows the steps below to download photos, videos, or stories from Instagram.

Step No 1:

How to download Instagram image stories by using imginn com? Step No 1

There are two ways of downloading anything from Instagram by using imginn. First you can directly download through the main profile by clicking on download button. Secondly you can download anything from imginn by clicking the relevant post.

Step No 2:

Once the post or story is enlarged in your browser, scroll down a little bit you will see the download button.

Step No 3:

How to download Instagram image stories by using imginn com? Step No 2

Just click on the download button, select a suitable location on your pc or mobile, and click the save button.

Step No 4:

Now you can share or see the photo, video, or even story offline.

What are the pros and cons of

Nothing in this perfect, so the imginn platform has some pros and cons. In this section, you will get a detailed overview of all the benefits and drawbacks of imginn:


  • This website allows you to browse any public insta account, including yours (if it is a public account, of course).
  • You can get the power to download any video or photo through imginn.
  • Anonymity is another excellent feature of this site. No one can ever know about your browsing or downloading.
  • Imginn is a superfast website with a straightforward, user-friendly, sleek interface.


  • Imginn didn’t allow you to know about the likes or view count of any specific post.
  • On the site, the administrator of the imginn site did not give any note of copyright and privacy policy.
  • The ads appearing on the site make it very hectic to use sometimes.

What are the alternate websites of imginn?

What are the alternate websites of imginn?

Following is the name of the top alternative site that you can browse to get more options and in case of imginn site unavailability.


Imginn is a very easy-to-use and simple website that allows you to browse your insta account without signing in. It also allows you to download certain things from your Instagram account. But this site is less secure. There are many other platforms also present with more options instead of imginn.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Imginn capable of storing private images and videos?

Imginn does not allow you to save private images and videos from other Instagram profile accounts.

What are the features of Imginn Instagram video downloader?

Users’ stores, images, videos, and reels can be easily searched using their usernames or links to their profiles through imginn insta video downloader. Furthermore, users can enter hashtags through the input field.

Can I use Imginn without creating an account?

Imginn allows interested users to browse, save, and back up Instagram content anonymously.



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