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Mediatakeout Owner, Beginning, Succes, Controversy And Other Important Info

Mediatakeout is a website that gives you unique gossip about African American celebrities. Mto news website was established in 2006, around sixteen years ago, by Fred Mwangaguhunga.

In this article, you will get much-untold information about mto news. So, stay tuned to feed your brain with amazing information.

Who owns media takeout?

Before getting insights into the media takeout websites, it is good to know facts about the owner of the media website. The media takeout site is owned and run by Fred Mwangaguhunga. Who had done multiple other businesses before diving into the news website? Following are some interesting facts about Fred:

  • Fred is a former student of “City University in New York”, where he gets a corporate layer degree. He also gets two more law degrees from Columbia.
  • After completing law education, Fred Mwangaguhunga decided to participate in law. But soon, he realizes that the field of law is not for him.
  • Fred quit practising law and started a laundry business along with his family. But he also didn’t get success here too.
  • After two unsuccessful businesses, Fred jumps into the website business. He establishes his site with a six thousand US dollar investment.

Beginning of media takeout

Mediatakout started its operation in 2006. Due to the unique style of blogs with authentic news, news flourished from the beginning. Nearly fourteen million users visit media takeout websites daily, and this strength is increasing daily.

Currently, media takeout is making its place in the top two thousand websites worldwide.

Why did media about com get success?

There are multiple factors involved in the success of Some of these factors are as follows:

  • The main reason for media takeout success is that it covers new news about African American celebrities.
  • Along with this, the sources of media takeout also help him to get more and more popular. Most of the news sources of are insiders like celebrities’ personal assistants, guards, drivers, etc.
  • To attract its audience, mto also has a breaking news story page. On these pages, the latest happening in the celebrity world is covered.
  • Facebook is another major factor contributing to the success of media takeout. Mediatakeout adopt a lot of methodology from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Moreover, an active Facebook page also increases the site’s traffic.

Due to the above factors, the trust level of the reader increased daily on this side. Now mto is a benchmark website used as a reference by other media giants.

So, the success of media takeout helps this site earn millions of daily users. These users also help this site to make millions of dollars it earns from advertisement.

Does media takeout share the sources of its news?

No, since this site’s news sources are mostly from Hollywood industry insiders. That’s why it is a strict policy of Mto that it doesn’t share the confidentiality of its sources.

Mediatakeout made this policy for certain reasons, which are as follows:

Mto com did not disclose their news sources because of the insider’s interest. If they share their news sources, the person who gives it to the site might risk losing his job.

Does mediatakeout only a celebrity gossip site?

Initially, mediatakeout has more focus on celebrity gossip. But with time, this site has become more in real journalistic work by providing Hollywood breaking news before any other media giant.

The main competitor of mto is “TMZ”, which has a similar content style like mediatakout com.

Is there any iOS or Android app present for mediatakeout com?

Currently, there is no official mobile app present on this site. However, in the past, this site released an iOS and android app version. But soon after the release, the mediatakeout app delists its official application from both the Android and iOS store.

Mediatakout Controveries

As mediatakeout mostly publishes news related to famous Hollywood personalities. That is why this site sometimes publishes such news that turns into a controversy later.

Kim Kardashian

One controversy of mto news comes into the limelight when this site publishes multiple stories about Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in 2016. Mediatakeout reported that this robbery was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Soon after the news publication Kim Kardashian sued mediatakeout for false allegations. As a result of the lawsuit, mediatakeout published an apology on their site and removed all the stories related to the Paris robbery.

Ariana Grande

The second controversy occurred in 2018 and 2022 when mto news reported that Ariana Grande is expecting a baby with his fiancĂ© “Pete Davidson”. This was also a false story.

Ariana Grande showed her patience and hadn’t sued mediatakeout for their misadventure. Despite taking legal action, she decided to clear her side with a tweet citing that no such thing would happen, as mto news reported.

After the tweet of Grande mediatakeout removed all the posts related to Grande’s pregnancy.


Mediatakeout com is a celebrity news site focusing mainly on African American Hollywood personalities. Though for some time, media mistakenly publish some fake news, most of the time, its news and articles are considered a benchmark.

Many other giant media houses quote as their source of information. This site has approximately 1.5 million visitors. Most of the income source of this site comes from advertisements.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happened to the mediatakeout website? is working perfectly. So, if this site is not opening in your area, it could be due to another problem. Otherwise, mto is working smoothly and updating its articles and stories continuously.

What is the future of

This site has gained a lot of popularity and is one of the major sources of urban news. Fred Mwangaguhunga is planning to launch a mediatakeout channel on the small screen. Let’s wait and watch when Fred announces a media house related to his famous site.

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