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Wedding Thank You Cards: Dos and Don’ts to Remember

Beautiful and stylish photo wedding thank you cards are the final piece of your luxury wedding stationery suite that requires your urgent attention. Although the thank you notes are primarily practical, they also serves as a sign of your genuine love and appreciation, and are a unique reminder of a special celebration that was enjoyed by your family and friends.

The traditional and strict wedding etiquette rules also extend to cards that are sent after the main event. After an important celebratory occasion like a wedding, It’s important to convey your heartfelt thanks and gratitude in a classy and respectful way. Scribbling a speedy ‘thank you’ message in a generic blank card just won’t do.

Our informative guide to the DOs and DON’Ts to remember will ensure that your wedding thank yous are well worth waiting for…

Designing Your Card

To create the perfect wedding thank you card it’s important to consider its gorgeous design, and also what you want to write inside it. When you have the balance right, the lucky recipient of your card will want to treasure it as a cherished keepsake.

It can be difficult knowing what type and style of thank you card to choose, as there are so many options available. To keep it classy:

DO choose a design that beautifully matches or complements your personalised save-the-dates, wedding invitations and RSVP cards.

DO pick a colour scheme that reflects your wedding palette.

DO limit the amount of colours that you feature on the card, if you want it to look timeless and elegant.

DON’T get carried away with an OTT design that features all the bells and whistles.

DON’T leave the choosing of your thank you cards until the last minute. Orders for post-wedding cards that match your personalised wedding invites should be placed well in advance.

DON’T opt for an e-card unless your entire wedding was eco-friendly. Sending a personalised handwritten thank you card is the most sincere form of gratitude and appreciation.

If you love the idea of your post-wedding thank you cards showcasing your favourite nuptials photo on the front, choose the most striking shot of you and your beloved so that it leaves a lasting impression.

Personalising Your Prose

When writing your gorgeous photo wedding thank you cards, it’s important to cover the basics.

Thank your guest/s for their attendance and for helping to make your wedding day memorable and special.

Carefully choose your words to express your gratitude for their kindness, and for the wedding gift that they gave you. It’s a good idea to mention how you plan to use the gift, as this shows that your words have genuine meaning.

While it’s acceptable to use a template, to speed up the writing process if you have a large number of thank yous to handwrite, it’s best to create two or three – one for gifts received in person, one for cash gifts, and one for honeymoon donations (if applicable). A template will allow you to fill in the blanks with personalisation.

DO practice your penmanship before you get stuck into the task of writing the post-wedding cards.

DO pick a pen that feels comfortable in your hand, and that writes smoothly on the premium quality card.

DO keep the message short and sweet.

DO exercise some creativity when thanking guests for gifts that are generic.

DO finish off the prose by adding your best wishes and signatures.

DO share the task of handwriting the thank you notes with your new spouse. If their penmanship is poor, give them the job of stuffing the cards into the envelopes, sealing and stamping, and making you endless cups of tea.

DON’T write an essay about how grateful you are for the generous gift you’ve received.

DON’T mention the actual amount of a monetary gift. It’s acceptable to simply say “thank you for your kind gift” and to state how you will spend it.

If you’re stuck for writing inspiration, it’s acceptable to communicate your heartfelt sentiments by personalising your prose with a cheeky joke, a favourite song lyric or a famous romantic quote.

Including A Wedding Photo

Not all photo wedding thank you cards feature the stunning imagery on the front. You may prefer to include your favourite wedding photo as a special keepsake gift, that’s inserted inside the thank you note before it’s stuffed into its matching envelope.

DO choose a photo that perfectly sums up the specialness of your wedding.

DO send a wedding photo keepsake to any invited guest who was unable to join you on your big day, regardless of whether or not they bought you a gift.

DON’T send more than one photo per thank you card.

DON’T forget to check postage cost, to ensure it’s sufficient to cover the additional weight of the added photo. Your guests shouldn’t have to pay an excess postage fee.

Posting Your Cards

In the afterglow of a wedding, it can be daunting to sit down to write personalised thank you messages to all of your family and friends. Putting the task off is not recommended by wedding etiquette experts.

Ideally, your stylish photo wedding thank you cards should be handwritten and ready to send in the post within two months of the date of your wedding.

DO check that you have attached the correct amount of postage on each envelope before mailing. 



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