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Millie Bobby Brown Height, Birthday, Age, Parents, Sibling, Weight Career Net Worth and Other Facts

Millie Bobby Brown

Milli Bobby Brown is a Spain nationalist who got famous due to his Netflix super hit series “Stranger Things.” She was born in Germany, but in her early days, she moved to the United States of America to pursue her career in acting. There is no doubt that she is one of the rising stars with a big fan following. Her fans always want to know about Milli Bobby. They want to know Millie Bobby Brown’s height, age, weight, career, and other facts and figures.

In this article, you will get comprehensive information about Millie Bobby Brown. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start exploring information about Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown’s birthday

The date of birth of Millie Bobby Brown is 19th February 2004. She was born in Marbella, which is situated in Spain. Shortly after her birth, she and her family moved to the United Kingdom. Stay of Millie Bobby in the UK is only for a few years because Millie Bobbie wants to become a star in her acting career. Due to this reason, Millie moved to Florida, USA. When Millie Bobby moved to the USA, her age was only eight years.

Millie Bobby Brown’s age

Millie Bobby Brown is a teen sensation and a very hardworking actress. As of 2023, the age of 18 years. She got tremendous success in her acting career due to her unmatched skill.

Millie Bobby Brown’s parents

Millie Bobby Brown's parents


The name of Millie Bobby Brown’s father is Robert Brown, who is a real estate agent by his profession. He migrated from Spain to Egland and then the USA. Currently, he resides in the United States of America along with his family. Millie’s father’s desire is for her daughter to become famous in the Hollywood industry.


Kelly is the name of Millie Bobby Brown’s mother, and she was born in England. Kelly is an English nationalist and is currently living with her family in the USA.

Millie Bobby Brown’s siblings

Millie Bobby Brown's siblings

Kelly and Robert Brown (the parent of Millie Bobby Brown) have four children. Millie Brown took birth after two of their elder children. The details of Millie Bobby’s siblings are as under:

Paige Brown

Miss Paige Brown is the eldest sister of Millie Bobby Brown. Paige Brown was born on 27th December 1992 in Bournemouth, England. As of 2023, the age of Paige Brown is 29 years.

Paige is a famous social media influencer with strong followers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

She also produces the famous Hollywood movie “Enola Holmes. However, the main reason for her fame is “Sister of Millie Bobby Brown.”

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the elder brother of Millie Boby. Professionally he is a professional photographer. He also acts in the Netflix drama “Stranger Things.”

Ava Brown

Ava Brown is Millie Bobby Brown’s youngest sister, born on 20th January 2012 in England. As of 2023, she is 11 years old school-going kid.

Millie Bobby Brown’s height

The height of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is quite in discussion among the fans. Because the cast of stranger Things is young, their height changes significantly during the different seasons of the show.

In 2017 the height of Millie Bobby was five feet and two inches; as of 2023, her height is five feet and five inches. While the height of co-stars of the show also increased

Millie Bobby Brown’s weight

With an average height, the weight of Millie bobby brown is also in healthy condition. As of 2023, her weight stands and forty-seven kilograms. This weight in the pound is around one hundred and four pounds.

Personal Life

Millie Bobby is only 18 years old. At such a young age, her life is full of relationships with multiple personalities. A brief detail of her relationships is as under:

  • Jacob Sartorius                2017-2018
  • Joseph Robinson 2019-2020
  • Hunter Ecimovic 2020-2021
  • Jake Bongiovi 2021-Present

How old is Millie Bobby Brown’s Twitter account?

Currently, Millie Bobby doesn’t have a Twitter account. She joins Twitter with the account name “@milliebbrown.” But following a bad hashtag, “#TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown” she left Twitter in 2018 when she was only fourteen.

Where does Millie Bobby Brown live?

Millie Bobby Brown previously lived in two places, Orlando and Atlanta. She used to live in Orlando her childhood from 2011 to 2013. After that, Millie moved to Los Angeles and lived for quite some time. But currently has a beautiful house in Atlanta where she lives with her parents and siblings.


From her childhood, Millie Bobby Brown always wanted to be an actress. This desire pulls Millie toward the United States of America, where she started her professional acting career.

Acting in films, series, song video, and advertisement

The first project in which Millie Bobby appears was “Once Upon a Time In Wonderland. She got an opportunity to perform in this project in 2013 at the age of nine years. This movie is produced and telecasted by the “ABC” entertainment agency.

After this project, Millie also got small roles in different programs like:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • NCS
  • Modern Family

After performing in side roles in Hollywood, Millie got her career breakthrough when she was cast in a famous Netflix sci-fi movie called “Eleven in the Stranger Things.” In this series, Millie performs a lead role. It is the fruit of her acting in this show that she got multiple nominations and awards from reputable platforms. After this, Millie Boby never looks back and starts climbing the stairs of success.

Along with acting in films and series Millie Bobby also performed songs and advertisement videos. Her famous video song in which she acted is “Find Me.”


There is no doubt that Millie has an excellent physic who has all the qualities of a good model. She also made her name in the modeling world too. She begins her model campaign with the famous brand “Calvin Klein.”

After a successful modeling campaign with Calvin Klein, Millie signed a contract with the famous “IMG Models” agency in 2018. After this contract, Millie Bobby ran a modeling campaign for a well-known fashion brand called “Moncler.”

Fashion brand

Along with other showbiz adventures, Millie Bobby Brown also starts her cosmetics line. She founded “Florence by Mills” in the year of 2019.

Millie Bobby Brown movies and tv shows

Since the beginning of her acting career, Millie Bobby has worked in multiple movies and television shows. The detail of her TV shows and movies is as under:


  • Enola Holmes
  • Enola Holmes 2
  • Godzilla: King of Moster
  • Godzilla vs. King
  • Godzilla
  • Spheres: Songs of Spacetime
  • Asesinato en el Hormiguero Express
  • The Things about Jellyfish

TV Shows

  • Stranger Things
  • Modern Family
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Intruders
  • The 74th Annual Golder Globe Awards
  • The 68th Prime Time Emmy Awards
  • The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • CNN Heroes
  • Geeked Week Unlocke: Stranger Things
  • Norton’s Series Stranger Things
  • MonsterVerse
  • The Year: 2016

Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth

Millie Bobby Brown has done many things in her career, like acting, modeling, owning a beauty firm, etc. Due to all her work, she earned a lot of money. As of 2023, Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth is around fourteen Million US dollars.

A major chunk of her net worth comes from the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” In Stranger Things: Season 3, Millie Bobby Brown earns Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars per episode.


So, here are all the important facts about your favorite person, Millie Brown, including her height, age, weight, net worth, and many other things. Start her journey From Spain to pursue her acting career in the USA, where she got a lot of respect, fame, and money through her acting career and other ventures.

She is living a happy life and enjoying her career along with her parents and siblings.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Millies Bobby Brown has a hearing issue?

Yes, Millies Bobby Brown was born with a medical issue in her left ear. Over time, this issue has increased, and she can’t hear anything from her left ear.

What is the age of Millie Bobby Brown when she starts her first date?

Millie Bobby Brown was only thirteen when she started her first date. The name of her first boyfriend was Jacob, and Millie started her relationship with Jacob in 2017.



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