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Passport Verification Documents: The Way To End Identity Theft

While travelling around the globe, we need a lot of documents to prove our identity. For fifty years, documents have been made compulsory to identify a person. The pandemic has made it even more compulsory to hold passports, such as vaccine passports. As a result, passport verification has been shifted to digital systems. This has eliminated the traditional passport document verification systems to fight against scams and fraud. Another purpose of this digitized system is to centralize orders and establish an online document verification portal. 

Identity frauds and scams have given birth to many precautionary measures because cybercriminals use different methods to launder money and perform other illicit activities. Scammers also deliver phishing emails to different people and companies to get their identity information.

KYC Regulations Helping in the Verification of Passport Documents

KYC Authentication and its Compliance:

Verifying a person is inextricably linked to knowing your customer’s KYC compliance. Regulative governments have allowed it as a global responsibility to execute digital verification thefts and numerous other internet breaches. Although it was once considered that KYC rules were solely intended for use by financial institutions, the necessity for them was subsequently realized in all other sectors as well to prevent the increase of fraud. As a result, there are several types of KYC solutions available, including Know Your Patient (KYP), Customer (KYCC), Business (KYB), and Transaction (KYT) (KYT). Conventional know-your-customer identification in various ways is frantic and challenging, but supportive and helpful identification is made digitally in less time.

Traditional vs Online Passport Verification Documents:

There are various flaws and shortcomings in the traditional passport verification documents, such as: 

  1. Human errors can happen in this case
  2.  The officers authenticating the passport documents cannot maintain the record of growing regulations.
  3.  It is a wastage of supplies
  4.  It is a wastage of time
  5.  These identification officers cannot maintain the country’s inks, holograms, and prints
  6.  They are high-rated due to the decrease of additional individual resources.

In the digital covid passport verification document, different steps have been added, such as:

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning permit digital KYC authentication through the applicability to store complicated languages and text formats 
  2.  Document verification software recognizes and authenticates security features such as holograms and inks.
  3.  It is a high-speed document verification technique that conducts identification in flashes.
  4.  It can also detect dubious credentials such as altered, photoshopped, and manipulated papers and fraudulent and forged documents while reducing the workforce.

Online Document Verification in Businesses: 

Corporations do a lot of document verification; nevertheless, the standard and crucial part is executing all verifications simultaneously to avoid missing suspicious persons.

The procedures for performing passport verification are outlined below. All of these processes fall under the category of passport document verification; thus, let’s take a closer look at those online document verification procedures.

The Process of Passport Verification at Embassies:

The verification of papers and passports at embassies is carried out symmetrically, as seen below with the application for document authentication: 

  1. The customer must present his documents for passport verification papers, including passports, identification cards, and driver’s licenses.
  2.  Then a selfie is required, and a user is instructed to take a picture while holding the attestation documents in his hand to avoid document fraud.
  3.  The customer must complete all forms provided throughout the online document verification procedure.
  4.  The documents use OCR and ICR technology to evaluate the significant textual material and save it in the backend of the online document verification site.
  5.  The online checker identifies the submitted personal credentials and verifies if edits, tampering, or photoshop skills are used. 
  6.  A biometric examination is done to verify the individual’s biometrics, such as facial characteristics. It authenticates a person by cross-checking the selfie and the photo on their documentation.
  7.  Security holograms and prints are inspected as well.
  8.  Passport verification documents also verify the address of an individual.


Passport verification documents are a required and effective tool all embassies use to speed up the verification process. Complying with KYC rules makes it easier to fight the growing number of thefts and breaches. Specifically, following the Covid 19, the universe’s order must be further improved, which can only be done with the help of such technology.

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