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Read This Before Buying Your Next Home in San Francisco

With its breathtaking landscape, vibrant culture, and historic architecture, it’s clear why San Francisco, California is one of the most desirable housing markets in the world. Set on the idyllic San Francisco Bay, your days will be filled with dreamy morning fog, moderate temperatures, and nature right outside your door. With desire comes competition, and if you’re looking to move to The Golden City, you’ll need to prepare yourself to be a competitive buyer. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know to buy your San Francisco dream house. 

To get a good sense of the real estate market in San Francisco, first, you’ll need to find an amazing agent. San Francisco real estate agents will have expert knowledge of housing in different neighborhoods around the city and will work within your budget to find you a perfect home. A great way to find a perfect agent for your San Francisco real estate needs is to use HomeLight’s agent matching tool. Using this tool, you’ll easily be able to hire an agent who sells homes within the budget and area you are looking for.

Possibly the single most common thing asked about homes in the San Francisco area is, “is it earthquake safe?” With frequent seismic events in the area, it’s crucial to know how your home will hold up in an earthquake, so you don’t literally see your investment crumble around you. Learn what kind of rock your home sits on, and note if there is potential for soil liquefaction. Also, it’s probably a good idea not to skimp on earthquake insurance.

While planning your move to San Francisco, you’ll quickly realize that as well as its potential to quake, the earth under your feet is very expensive. Be realistic about your price point, and get ready to battle other potential buyers. Purchasing homes with cash is very common in San Francisco, and eager sellers are likely to accept cash offers over traditional mortgages. If you have the funds to purchase in cash, it would be preferable to bring that to the table, but if you don’t no need to worry, you’ll still land a home, it might just take a bit longer than others regions. In HomeLight’s comprehensive guide Dreamscapes and Cityscapes: A Realistic Guide to Buy a House in San Francisco, you’ll find many more tips about budgeting for Bay Area prices, as well as information about the real estate market, neighborhoods, and culture of San Fran. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a Painted Lady or a contemporary home, San Francisco has a lot to offer in the realm of real estate, as long as you’re willing to pay top dollar for it. With an agent who’s right for your needs and a bit of research, you’ll be able to find your perfect San Francisco home as easily as hopping on the trolley!

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