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Top 7 Companies for Healthcare Software Development

Today’s world may be characterised as one in which technology permeates every aspect of life. Everything is technological, from the phone you’re holding to the flying aircraft you can see. Every sector of the global market is speeding and optimising technology to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Healthcare is the industry that has been most significantly touched by technology. Without a doubt, advancements in technology are driving hospitals and other healthcare organisations to look for methods to digitise their processes and offerings. Also, the situation calls for the hunt for reliable healthcare software development companies.

A 2019 American survey found that the majority of C-suite executives employ cutting-edge technologies in their healthcare organisation.

The top 7 healthcare software development companies that have the potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry are listed below. The list you are about to read was created after much research and study. Our conclusions are entirely supported by customer reviews, case studies, testimonies, comparative assessments, and other crucial factors.

1. RisingMax

US-based A healthcare software development company that specialises in scalable business solutions is called RisingMax. They offer unmatched and goal-oriented healthcare software development services and adapt to the unique needs of clients in the healthcare sector.

Its offerings include creating clinical management systems, home healthcare management software, mobile health applications, and more. It also develops patient portals. Their prior projects demonstrate that they develop a solid understanding of the requirements in order to create suitable solutions. They improve their software by using cutting-edge technology like blockchain, AI, and the Internet of Things. The client testimonials section of the company’s website demonstrates how well-versed in customer satisfaction the organisation is.

Healthcare-related items include EMR, Telemedicine App, Doctor On Demand, and Hospital Management Systems.

2. Suffescom Solutions

Another IT consulting company in NYC that has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable healthcare software development companies is Suffescom Solutions. They provide the methods and tools required for healthcare businesses to develop software and advance.

The company has generated innumerable examples of how they have assisted healthcare organisations in growing their operations thanks to their large development personnel. Their dedication and talent are attested to by their prior performance and the conclusion of back-to-back successful projects. Also, their software solutions have been improved with UI/UX to offer a superior user experience. They have amassed an alluring portfolio of distinguished clients throughout the years.

3. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft specialises in developing mobile apps and websites using technologies like Angular.js, Node.js, React.js, jQuery, Laravel, and Symfony. These include eCommerce, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Drupal, Joomla, and Angular.js.

Regarding the company’s culture and values, they have mastered the art of gratifying their loyal customers. Developers and designers make care to make things as convenient as possible while prioritising enthusiasm, devotion, transparency, and competence. 

TatvaSoft has a remarkable track record of servicing and setting standards for all the industry verticals, including sports, real estate, oil & gas, healthcare, energy & utilities, retail, information technology, education, transportation, and media & entertainment.

4. Intellectsoft Medical

One of the most reputable companies for developing healthcare software is Intellectsoft. Due to its cutting-edge innovative solutions and customer-centric attitude, it is one of the most sought-after software development companies for healthcare providers.

The company provides EHR systems, clinical data management systems, digital healthcare solutions, IoT-powered medical solutions, healthcare web/mobile apps, and other services. Its software solutions are specifically developed to lessen the potential for a human mistakes or interference. The company, which is supported by extraordinary technological talent, combines technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT to offer services that are unparalleled. Our IT experts also found actual client reviews and testimonials, which improves their reputation.

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5. ArtezioHealthcare

Since more than 20 years ago, Artezio has been offering healthcare software development services to the global market. The company has successfully served more than 100 clients, including eminent healthcare providers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, research organizations, and other healthcare institutions.

By introducing incredibly sophisticated and adaptable digital technology, they provide customized solutions to assist the healthcare sector in shedding its reliance on antiquated management practices. The company specializes in creating custom healthcare software, including systems for managing in-patient and out-patient records, running clinical studies, and more. Also, they develop mobile applications for doctors, patients, and fitness and health.

6. Ailoitte

With more than 5 years of expertise, Ailoitte is one of the top businesses for developing mobile apps. From large organizations to small businesses and one-off initiatives, the company provides tailored solutions to a diverse clientele. They provide software development using cutting-edge technology as well as mobile application development. The staff at Ailoitte, which is renowned for its mobile app development, delves into the specifics of your request and develops a plan that suits your timeframe and budget. The business creates premium hybrid mobile apps for people across all platforms. Our app development company has finished more than 150 projects for customers all around the world.

7. Velvetech

Healthcare solutions made by Velvetech are specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations. Interestingly, they have been offering healthcare professionals solutions for more than 15 years.

The efforts of Velvetech make use of the potential of systems like blockchain, AI & ML, the Internet of Medical Things, and others. The company also develops software that can be used as a medical device (SaMD) and is very compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. They furthermore offer practice management programs, solutions for medical billing, post-acute care coordination, and other services.


Choosing the ideal technology partner is crucial; it takes months of investigation and evaluation to settle on a single business. I have made an effort to call forth these 7 healthcare software development firms that will assist organizations in implementing and reaping the rewards of specialised digital health software, depending on your budget, schedule, geographic location, or technological requirements.

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I sincerely hope you find my site to be helpful in every way and gain from my efforts to provide informative knowledge. Keep visiting and exploring my posts, and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any more questions or recommendations.

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