Wynonna Judd children, Early Life, Personal Life, And Other Info

Wynonna Judd children

Wynonna Judd is a famous American country singer who starts gaining fame in 80s in the music industry. The fame of Judd started when she sang multiple country songs alongside her mother in 1980. In this article, you will learn about Wynonna Judd’s children, early life, personal life, net worth, and other facts about her.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s start exploring the interesting life aspect of Wynonna Judd.

Early life and family

Early life and family of Wynonna Judd

During her childhood, Wynonna Judd lived in Ashland, Kentucky. Wynonna Judd was born on 30th May 1964. Originally from an artistic family, she is an artist herself. Naomi Judd is her mother’s name, and she was a singer. The name of Wynonna Judd’s father is “Charles Jordan.” Charles Jordan was boyfriend of Naomi at the time when Wynonna Judd was born. After the birth of Wynonna Judd, Charles abandoned Naomi.

After the breakup, Naomi married Michael Ciminella. Naomi was known as “Naomi Judd Ciminella” after the marriage. Charles Jordan (Ex-boyfriend of Naomi) died in 2000.

In the siblings of Wynonna, she has only one-half sister, who is an actress by her profession. The name of Wynonna half-sister is Ashley Judd.

After the birth of Wynonna, her family lives in Ashland, Kentucky, for nearly four years. After that, her family moved to Los Angeles in 1968. In 1972 Michael Ciminella divorced Naomi, and after that, Wynonna and her mother lived in Los Angeles for nearly four years. Afterward, Wynonna and her family moved back to her hometown Ashlan, Kentucky, in 1976.

Wynonna children and personal life

Wynonna children and personal life

Wynonna married thrice in her life. The first time Wynonna Judd married “Arch Kelley” was in 1995 at thirty-one. Arch Kelley is a famous businessman. Wynonna and Arch had a son before their marriage. Soon after the marriage, the couple welcomed their second child (a beautiful daughter). But unfortunately, Wynonna and Arch lived in husband-wife relations only for four years. In 1998 they got a divorce. The name of Wynonna Judd children are as follows:

1Wynonna Judd son “Elijah Judd.”

Elijah Judd was born in 1994. As of 2022, he is a twenty-seven-year-old married man. The name of Elijah Judd’s wife is “Hailey Williams.” Elijah Judd has a total net worth of one million US dollars. The son of Wynonna Judd is a musician and a media personality.

2Wynonna Judd Daughter, “Grace Pauline Kelley”

Pauline Kelley was born on June 1996 and is currently single by her marital status. As of 2022, the age of Wynonna Judd’s daughter is 26 years. Pauline Kelly is famous for being the daughter of a celebrity (Wynonna Judd). She was also known for a drug crime.

After the divorce, Wynonna spends her life single for nearly five years. In 2003 Wynonna married D.R Roach. Roach is a bodyguard by profession and performed the duties of a bodyguard with Wynonna in the past. The marriage ceremony was held in Tennessee.

Both live happy life for nearly four years until an unfortunate event happens in their life. In that event, Roach was arrested under the allegation of child sexual abuse. Childe sexual abuse is a huge bad incident that greatly affects Wynonna and Roach’s personal life. After the arrest of Roach, Wynonna got a divorce from him.

Wynonna once again lived her life as a single for nearly five years until she met Cactus Morse. Cactus Morse is a drummer for a famous music band. Wynona and Cactus married in the middle of 2012.

After her first divorce, Wynonna Judd had no children from her second and third marriages.


The career of Wynonna Judd comprises three parts. She sings songs with her mother for the first part of her career. The due of mother-daughter is called “The Judd’s.” Wynonna gained a lot of fame during the first phase of her career, which started in 1983. Wynonna and her mother Naomi had done the following work with each other from 1983 to 1991:

  • Super hit song on Billboard hot country 23
  • Studio Album 08

The list of Naomi and Wynonna’s songs is as under:

  • Who Not Me 1984
  • Mama He’s Crazy 1984
  • Grandpa 1985
  • Love Can Build a Bridge 1990

During this period, Wynonna and Naomi got multiple musical awards.

After the retirement of Naomi from music in 1991 due to cancer, Wynonna started her solo career. She signed her first solo contract with “MCA records” and sang her first solo song on a television show. The title of her first solo song is “She Is His Only Need.” After that, she sang a lot of super-hit songs. The list of Wynonna’s famous songs is as under:

  • My strong weakness 1992
  • I Saw the Light 1992
  • She Is His Only Need 1992
  • No One Else on Earth 1992
  • Girl With Guitars 1993
  • A Bad Goodbye 1993
  • Only Love 1993
  • Is it Over Yet 1993
  • Girl Thang 1994
  • Something You Can’t Live Without 2013
  • Wynonna $ The Big Noise (Album) 2016     

The third part of Wynonna Judd’s career comprises a Television appearance. Wynonna appears as a guest on the following TV shows:

  • Real Country
  • Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen
  • The Big Interview

Wynonna Judd also contributes to acting. The famous TV series in which she appears as an actress is as follows:

  • Headline Country
  • Wyona Judd: Love Is Alive
  • Hollywood Game Night
  • Backyard Habitat

Wynonna Jude net worth

Throughout her career, Wynonna has earned a lot of money. As of 2022, the net worth of Wynonna Judd is almost twelve million US dollars.


As a child, Wynonna lived a tough family life. But despite all hurdles, her hard work of Wynonna takes her to the peak of success.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the occupation of Elijah Judd (the son of Wynonna Judd)?

Elijah Judd is an American celebrity child, media personality, musician, singer, and online sensation from Nashville, Tennessee. As Wynonna Judd’s son, he is well known throughout the country.

Has Ashley Judd ever had children?

Judd became engaged to Dario Franchetti in December 1999, a Scottish racing driver who competed in the Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART). Their wedding took place at Skibo Castle in Scotland in December 2001. As a couple, they did not have any children.

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