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KickAssAnime: Key Features, Concerns, Alternative and Other Info


If you are a big fan of animated cartoons and series, you must be aware of KickAssAnime, one of the most popular online anime streaming platforms. In addition to providing high-quality anime series for free without lagging issues, the primary objective of this site is to provide high-quality anime series. Due to the unique approach of this site, it gains millions of traffic soon after its release. But unfortunately, now the official KickAssAnime site has been down for a few years.

Without the official KickAssAnime URL, many clone sites start taking the place of the original anime website. Soon after the official anime site’s discontinuation, the animation series fans start searching for an alternative. Anime lovers want to visit such platforms with high-quality and multilingual animation series.

In this article, you will learn what the KickAssAnime site is and what is the best alternative to this site. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start exploring KickAssAnime and its alternatives.


KickAssAnime is an online platform on which you can watch and download Japanese anime series free of cost. Anime is a term that refers to “Animation films made by Japanese.”

The movies or series containing different animated characters are purely made in computer graphics. Anime is a Japanese word, and the meaning of Anime in English is “Animation.”

Anime contains many beautiful characters, fantastic themes, and state of the arts scenes. So, KickAssAnime was a platform to enjoy animated Japanese films with English subtitles and dubbing.

Key Feattures of KickAssAnime

  • You can find a wide range of video quality on anime streaming platforms. On that type of site, you can find low-quality videos (240p) to super-high-quality videos (1080p). However, the strength of low-quality videos on KickAssAnime is far less than that of high-quality videos.
  • To date, this site has one of the best user-friendly interfaces.
  • It is the best anime streaming service available to date.
  • All the available content on this site is free of cost, adding extra attraction to this site.
  • On the KickAssAnime site, almost all types of anime series are available. However, if your favorite one is not part of the site, you can also request the admin about missing anime series. And after some time, your requested anime series is posted on the site.
  • This site got successful due to its English dubbing feature.
  • The developer also added dark and lite modes to this site.
  • You can enjoy all the anime series without the disturbance of annoying advertisements.
  • You can watch the following masterclass animation series on this platform:
    • RWBY VolumeDemon SlayerDr StoneSpy X FamilyGenlockBakiSaga of Tanya the EvilRWBY Ice QueendomRising of the Shield HeroPok√©mon
    • Rich and Morty

Concerns about KickAssAnime

When you get excellent services free of cost, many questions come to mind. Is it safe to stream anime online free of cost, or what is the legal side of KickAssAnime said? All of your questions will be answered in this section of the article:


First of all, safety is a fundamental matter for online users. Because if you are stuck with unsafe sites, then it might be possible that your system could become a victim of a hacker. Hackers can steal a lot of important information from your system.

So, you can relax while streaming on the KickAssAnime site because an SSL certificate protects this site. Hackers could not hack the site or your system. You can enjoy all types of anime with complete safety.


The content of this site is not legal. This site has a lot of premium and copywriter-protected web series on its platform. So, uploading copywrite data on any website is not ethically excellent or legal. This is the main reason you can’t even stream the site in some countries without VPN. Because in most countries, this site got a complete ban.

What makes KickAssAnime stand above all other anime streaming websites?

Well, there are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of KickAssAnime. In this section of the article, you will learn about key factors that are involved in making KickAssAnime famous:

Free availability

The first and most prevalent factor in the fame of this site is its free availability. You can browse the site from any corner of the world without any headache.

Design of the site

Secondly, the design and user-friendly interface also play an essential role in increasing this site’s popularity. All the anime are available with multiple filters on the site’s home page.

You can also search for your favourite articles with the help of a search bar in the top left corner of the homepage.

Up-to-date anime database

 The developers of KickAssAnime regularly update the anime database. Additionally, on this site, requested anime and series can be uploaded from the admin. You have to contact the site’s admin and mention the name of your desired anime series, which is not currently available.

Best alternative site for KickAssAnime

There is no doubt that KickAssAnime is one of the best platforms to watch and download anime series online. Sometimes on this site, you cannot find your desired series. So, in this situation, you must know about some well-reputed alternatives to the KickAssAnime website.

Following is a list of the popular alternative to the KickAssAnime anime site.


So, here is all the information you must know about your favourite anime site, “KickAssAnime.” It is a free streaming platform to enjoy your favourite animation series without risks. It is safe to use this site. The content of this site is illegal. But it has many qualities that attract more visitors to this site. At the end of this article, you will also get information about the best alternative to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the KickAssAnime site still accessible?

Yes, KickAssAnime is working perfectly. If you are finding any difficulty loading this site, then it might be possible that this site is banned in your area. Don’t worry. You can still access this site by using a reputable VPN service.

Is it safe to browse alternatives to the KickAssAnime site?

In this article, there are multiple alternatives mentioned. All these alternatives are entirely safe to use.

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